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Three Sask. institutions to join forces in mining and energy

Post-secondaries collaborate on a new global institute for energy, mines and society.
An MOU establishes a framework for collaboration on a new Saskatchewan-based institution called the Global Institute for Energy, Mines and Society. The agreement has been signed by USask, U of R and Saskpolytech.

REGINA — Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to advance collaboration and partnership in mining and energy.

The MOU establishes a framework for collaboration on a new Saskatchewan-based institution called the Global Institute for Energy, Mines and Society (GIEMS).

"Saskatchewan is home to many organizations on the forefront of cutting-edge research, and

Dr. Jeff Keshen, president and vice chancellor of the University of Regina, Dr. Peter Stoicheff, president and vice chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan, and Dr. Larry Rosia, president and CEO of Saskatchewan Polytechnic all signed the MOU in the Saskatchewan Pavilion at the Conference of Parties COP28 conference in Dubai.

"Our institutions have a shared commitment to be highly responsive to the needs of the economy - including employers, industries, and growing the workforce - by providing quality post-secondary research, education and training opportunities," Dr. Keshen said.

"To those ends, working collaboratively through GIEMS provides an exciting opportunity to amplify our global impact as innovators in sustainable energy and mining." 

GIEMS aims to better meet industry needs by having state-of-the-art research and development in place. It also will provide training and experiential learning to help build the provincial workforce in the areas of skilled trades, engineers and scientists, according to a Sask. Trade and Export Development press release.

"GIEMS is intended to create innovative solutions for effectively addressing the world's energy needs," Dr. Stoicheff said.

"USask is excited to work with the University of Regina and with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and to contribute our world-class research and teaching expertise toward the development of this new institute."

Through this collaboration, these post-secondary institutions hope to rapidly advance provincial research and innovation in the areas of mining, energy and critical minerals, the press release states. The partnership will allow for a more sustainable future for the province of Saskatchewan. 

"With the mining and energy sectors such a crucial part of Saskatchewan's economy, and global demand for critical minerals continuing to grow, Saskatchewan Polytechnic is excited to join our partners in signing this MOU," Dr. Rosia said.

"We look forward to contributing our applied research expertise as we collaborate to unlock the incredible potential for innovation in mining and energy and help train the workforce of tomorrow."

Each institution already works with the mining and energy industries to help provide solutions to challenges that arise in these sectors. By working together in a collaborative and co-ordinated manner through GIEMS, this can be done even more effectively. is Saskatchewan's home page. Bookmark us at this link.