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Emerging First Nation talent to be celebrated March 25

The first-of-its-kind First Nation Uplifting Gala was started by Anita Moosomin to honour her late nephew, celebrate budding talent, and inspire the first nation to keep going.
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The National Indigenous Peoples Day powwow at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford.

Emerging First Nation talent to be celebrated March 25

By Miguel Fenrich

Staff Reporter

MOSQUITO FIRST NATION — Anita Moosomin, a nurse from Mosquito First Nation, has a mission to uplift generations from all walks of life. And by hosting an event to showcase budding First Nation talent, she’s doing just that.  

Following the death of her 26-year-old nephew, an emerging hip-hop artist known as Young Broady, Moosomin decided to host the inaugural non-profit First Nation Uplifting Gala on March 15 to showcase upcoming Indigenous talent.

“His passion for music started off in his early years learning songs from the elders. His music today still lives on through his family and friends … they all followed his tune,” reads an email from Moosomin. 

The first-of-its-kind event will have artists across different genres, including powwow dancers, a drum group, rappers, singers, a comedian and a motivational speaker. 

Moosomin has always been passionate about her culture, and she says First Nation talent isn’t displayed as often as it could be. 

“We don’t see talented people when they’re starting out,” Moosomin said, adding, “a lot of our talent is definitely budding.” 

Funds raised by the event will also be used to help anyone in Mosquito First Nation and send a young man with cancer to Las Vegas before he starts his next treatment 

“He’s my biggest priority,” Moosomin said. 

But she says everyone has a story to tell.

“It’s time that we need to be heard, it’s time that we need to be seen,” Moosomin said, adding that spring is the perfect time for the gala. 

“In spring, we rejoice, we reconnect. That’s what I’ve always been passionate about,” which Moosomin says is due, in part to the elders, who encouraged her, telling her to, “keep going.”

“I want to uplift our nations to keep going,” 

Tickets are $50 pre-purchased. For more information or to purchase a ticket, contact Anita Moosomin at 306-441-9402 or