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Fred Light Museum welcomes three new board members

Braun Rushby, Heath Beaudry and Paige Hundt were appointed to serve on the Fred Light Museum board at the March 6 Town of Battleford council meeting.
A board of 15 appointed members and volunteers now serve on the museum’s board of directors.

BATTLEFORD — The Fred Light Museum, just weeks after welcoming a new executive, has welcomed three new members to the museum board, bringing the total number of board members up to 15. 

“Our three new board members are a wonderful addition," Bernadette Leslie, curator, said in an email to the News-Optimist. 

Currently, the board for the Fred Light Museum includes: 

  • Mayor Ames Leslie - ex officio 
  • Donna Light-Laycock – chair
  • Wayne Klaassen – vice-chair
  • Alexis Christensen - council rep./secretary
  • Angie Friedrich - treasurer
  • JoAnne Stirton – volunteer co-ordinator
  • Tim Popp
  • Justin Miller
  • Chris Bajak
  • Peggy Pilot
  • Evelyn Skotniski
  • Bernadette Leslie
  • Newly appointed: Paige Hundt
  • Newly appointed: Heath Beaudry
  • Newly appointed: Braun Rushby

“I believe that there is strong interest in the museum as we have two more interested in sitting on the board when needed ... which is beautiful, as several years ago we had a hard finding interested individuals to sit on the board,” Leslie said.

Leslie also added that each board member brings a special niche to the board,

“ ... whether it is creative writing, creative presentations, video and computer knowledge, firearms and veterans’ research or creation of different games for Family Fun Day or Children's Day Camps.” 

Leslie says the three new board members will help attract the younger generations and that Rushby’s high-tech knowledge and interest in promoting Battleford, Beaudry’s ability to work hard and his interest in the history of Battleford, and Hundt’s extremely creative mind will be great additions to the board's skill set. 

At the March 6 Town of Battleford council meeting, when Rushby, Beaudry and Hundt were appointed, Councillor Alexis Christensen shared her thoughts about the incoming members. 

“We're lucky enough to have 11 already, and some of the most dedicated members I've ever seen. To add three more (board members) will just be the icing on the cake. I'm really happy and grateful that they stepped up and happy to welcome all three.” 

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