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Hockey Canada award given to Battlefords Minor Hockey coach

Trina Mann has been a part of the Sharks coaching staff for the past three years.
Trina Mann is the recipient of the BFL Women Coaching Award for Saskatchewan.

THE BATTLEFORDS — The Battlefords are celebrating another hockey success story. Trina Mann was nominated for the BFL Women in Coaching Award by a member of the Battlefords local hockey association. Trina is one of 21 women in Canada being honoured for her role in female hockey with a $1,000 bursary.

Chantel Lapointe, of the Battlefords Minor Hockey Association said, “Trina found out at the beginning of May that she was chosen as the provincial winner for community coaches after receiving an email from Hockey Canada asking to speak to her about hockey development. They set up a conference call where she was surprised to hear that she had won for the Province of Saskatchewan.

“Trina is a true leader for young women playing sports, teaching them valuable life lessons both on and off the ice. She embodies all the characteristics that Hockey Canada and BFL Canada were looking for in a nominee making it a much-deserved recognition.”

Mann has been a part of the Sharks coaching staff for the past three years. Her coaching career in the Battlefords began with the U9 Sharks and she then became an instrumental coach with the U11 Sharks for two years.

“Trina is incredibly dedicated to female hockey and has gone on to further her coaching certifications by taking her development 1 course which will allow her to head coach the U13AA Sharks for the upcoming 2024-2025 season,” added Lapointe.

BMHA President, Ryon Haggard, acknowledges Mann, stating, “Trina has provided BMHA with an invaluable piece to player development through her personality, knowledge of the game and attention to skill development. Trina has helped foster the growth of our female program and we look forward to her continued contributions to BMHA.

“We anticipate she will continue to impact player development as well as development of young female coaches in the years ahead. It is a great and well-deserved accomplishment as she embarks on being the head coach of the North West Sharks U13 AA this upcoming season.”

There is arguably no more important role in hockey than that of the coach, who is tasked with guiding young players not only on the ice, but off it as well. They are leaders in hockey, and leaders in life.

BFL Canada has partnered with Hockey Canada in creating and handing out these awards. They look for someone who: “leads by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship, places the emotional and physical well-being ahead of a personal desire to win, places an emphasis on equitable participation of all players registered on the team, demonstrates a commitment to the development of every player and staff member, treats each player as an individual and understands the range of emotional and physical development, does her best to provide a safe playing situation for all players, uses the coaching techniques that are appropriate for all of the age and skill level of her players, actively coaching in a sanctioned local hockey association or high-performance levels, trained and/or certified in the National Coach Certification Program, completed all elements required to be an active coach and is in good standing with their provincial or territorial member.”

The Hockey Canada website states they were seeking the country’s best women behind the benches and called on players and parents from coast to coast to nominate hockey coaches who have made significant contributions to the game.