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Jackie K releases 3rd single from 'She's A Story' album

Jackie K's latest single, 'We Can't Quit,' was co-written with her husband, Tom Kroczynski.
Jackie Kroczynski poses for a photo at the Bon Temps Cafe in Saskatoon.

THE BATTLEFORDS — Jackie K's latest single, 'We Can't Quit,' on her debut album, 'She's A Story,' offers a candid look at the ups and downs of relationships. 

North Battleford’s own alternative folk artist co-wrote the track with her husband, Tom Kroczynski, as they navigated a few challenging years during their relationship.

“We had been smoking cigarettes on and off during the pandemic, and it was time to stop,” Jackie K said.

“The last few years have been hard, so much additional pressure. The song is about making the decision to keep trying to be better but also to know when it’s time to cut each other some slack. Life can be hard enough.”

With honest lyrics depicting their trials and tribulations, including petty vices and habits, the track showcases a blend of mutual support and frustration found in long-term relationships. 

“It’s just a fun country song with more than a little bit of truth-telling!” Jackie K explained. “Oh, and we did quit smoking, but I still eat too many chips, and he’s got a mouth on him.”

Recorded in Saskatoon by producer Randy Woods and mastered at Mojito Mastering in Toronto, the album features Jackie K on vocals, keys, and trumpet, with Tom providing bass. Kyle Krysa plays the drums, Connor Newton is on sax, and Woods sprinkles in some magic on guitar.

Released on March 8 to coincide with International Women’s Day, 'She’s A Story' tells the tales of women, some personal to Jackie K and others abstractly relevant to the world’s women and the lives they lead.

“The stories belong to women,” she said. “Women’s roles have changed. Things are different now than they have been. It’s harder, it’s more work. If somebody can relate to an aging parent or being queen of their castle, that will make me happy.”