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Meota and District News: Seniors enjoy a spring get-together

New house on Second Avenue makes rapid progress.

MEOTA — What great news, some rainy days and a forecast of snow squalls didn't materialize. Happy to say we had the lawn mower out and have mowed some of the lawn twice already.

The lady with the pink top in the photo is our seniors’ president; Arlene Walker, as she addressed the gathering of Edam and Meota seniors. She had a few good jokes as well as a warm welcome to our northern friends. The annual get-together went over well with a delicious roast beef lunch and numerous games of cribbage and canasta. The general feeling is that we should do this more often.

As in most springs, the number of potholes increases. Our streets don't appear to be any worse than Saskatoon’s or North Battleford’s but still an annoyance. The lack of suspension on the riding lawnmowers and golf carts makes it even more noticeable. I guess we can be thankful that there are no deep ruts in the streets to get stuck in.

The house on the west end of Second Avenue went ahead quickly this week. A portable crane was brought in to lift the basement walls in place. The 16- and 10-foot walls were picked up with slings from the banks and gently guided into place in the basement. A very smooth operation as work started at 8 a.m. and the crane was back on the road by 9.30 a.m.

Activities for the week included lots of gardening and bridge. Tuesday winners were David Sharpe and Linda Killoran. Second were Vern Iverson and Annette Crozier. Wednesday, Canasta HKF high score was by Dave Sayers and Eric Callbeck. Second were Vivianne Lesko and Lillian Salenco and third were Nestor Fransoo and Vern Iverson. Canasta Friday HF first-place winners were Gail Hilderman and Carol Huys. Second were Janice Morton and Judy Schmidt. HKF canasta first was by Vern Iverson and Lillian Sarenco. In second were Allen Sayers and Arlene Walker and third were Dave Sayers and Eileen Bru. In seniors’ golf Thursday taking home the money were Gerry Goodheart, Dennis Tebay and Annette Duhaime.