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Meota and District News: Elders kick up their heels at Pioneer Hall

Sloughs white with waterfowl, spring is here.

MEOTA — A journey to Lloydminster to celebrate an aging birthday was without incident. Celebrating with one son from Lone Rock and another from Fort St. John helped to alleviate existing disability discomforts and lifted spirits. The trip saw a few sloughs almost full of white geese. At the rate the ice is clearing off Jackfish Lake the northern water bodies should become open, so the geese can continue their migration. The roadside grass is becoming green and sloughs are being pumped out so we finally have spring.

The photos above show one of our elderly couples, Fred and Connie Grant, at the Pioneer Hall supper and dance. Fred passed the 90 mark a while ago and is still going strong. The second couple are Vern Iverson and Carole Spence. All enjoyed a great outing to the music of The Old Timers. The Old Timers are Doug Sylvester, Raymond Seib, Willie Leonel and Gary Wappel. The great potluck supper was topped off with a great night of dancing.

Weekly activities included: bridge - first David Sharpe and Ann Marie Wallbilling, second Vern Iverson and Albert Blais, third Barb Mitchell and Terrance Dasilva; Canasta - hf first Albert Huys and Cora Christianson, second Judy Schmidt and Gail Hilderman; HKF canasta - first Stella Rendle and Marion Ottas, second Louise Doom and Carmen Doiror and third Vernon Iverson and David Ottas.