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Meota Paddle and Sail celebrates 60th anniversary

Club gears up for another season of lessons and fun on the water.
Jackfish Lake is an ideal lake for kayaking and sailing.

MEOTA — It’s going to be a summer of celebration for the Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail community. We’re happy to report that not only has the club survived, but it is starting to thrive. With a new board in place, a lot of overdue maintenance has been addressed. The best part is many new members have joined and reap the benefits of such a nice place to spend your time in the summer.

Kayak storage and events attracted many who come out regularly now to enjoy being on the water. Jackfish Lake is an ideal lake for kayaking and sailing. If there’s no wind, you can go kayaking. If it’s windy, that’s the time to go sailing. If it’s hot and you’re tired, just catch up sitting on the beach or deck. If you’re bored, cut the grass or just enjoy the company of others.

We have been partnering with Sask Sail to provide sailing lessons right here in Meota. July 15 - 19 will see the Sask Sailing Mobile School come back to Meota with one of the best instructors in Canada.

Karl Brady and his assistants will be teaching how to rig the sailboat, all the safety guidelines to follow, what knots work best and what the wind will do for you. It’s really fun to learn and everyone works with a team member. There were youth as young as 12 in the classes last year, as well as myself in my early 70s. Nineteen people participated and several are now confident to go out on their own.

This year we will be adding a day so Karl can teach us how to sail the Razor One sailboats that the club owns. The sail lessons are taught on 420s, which are two-person boats. Many who took the lessons last year were excited to continue after the lessons but struggled on their own. This year that will change and Meota residents should see sailing continue long after the lessons are over.

For more information and registration, go to the Sask Sail website. Look for sailing schools and look for Meota. Lessons are offered in the afternoon and evening, with spaces for 10 people in each class. I also noticed that Meota’s price is extremely attractive at $180 per participant.

We now have members who are keen on starting a regular time to go sailing. This will depend on the availability of the participants. It might be “Wednesdays on the Water.” It might be better on the weekends. Joe Gerlinsky, a returning member of MLPS and a capable sailor, has expressed interest in going out regularly. Now that he’s retired, he’s willing to go out with members who want to commit to a set time each week. Check for details on the clubhouse bulletin board.

Tuesday/Thursday Kayaking at 6:30 p.m. is starting up at the end of May. I recently saw a poster that said “Kayaking is cheaper than therapy.” That’s my experience and it’s so true.

The MLPS fundraiser is June 15 at the Community Complex in Meota. Members of Louisiana Hayride will be putting on their show. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Posters are up, tickets are available and we’ll all be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Meota Paddle and Sail Club. Contact Elaine Iverson for tickets at 306-892-2229.

We also invite the entire community to "Coffee at the Clubhouse" every Saturday in the month of June at 10 a.m. Elaine Iverson, whose parents sold the property to the Battlefords Sailing Club back in 1964, is the host. It’s amazing that it’s come full circle and Elaine and Warren come back to the clubhouse to enjoy today’s children playing on “her” beach. Her Dad wanted it to be enjoyed by as many families as possible. MLPS had 36 family memberships and eight single members in 2023. That number is certain to grow in 2024. Happy 60th anniversary.