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North Battleford girl sings on stage with Shania Twain

Adalynn Oborowsky has been dreaming of singing on stage with Shania Twain for months and recently had that dream come true at a sold-out Shainina Twain concert in Saskatoon.
Five-year-old Adalynn Oborowsky on stage with Shania Twain.

THE BATTLEFORDS -  Alesha Oborowsky's daughter, Adalynn, has been dreaming of singing on stage with Shania Twain for months. And on May 12, that five-year-old girl's dream came true at the sold-out Saskatoon show.

Her mom has the video to prove it.

"She (Adalynn) was like, 'Mommy, I want to sing with that lady one day," Oborowsky said, noting that her daughter loved Twain's music and talked about her dream of singing with the performer for months.

But because of the ticket prices, she wasn't even sure if she was going to take her daughter.

"I actually didn't buy any tickets until a week before," Oborowsky said, hoping that the price would go down before finally deciding it would serve as both a Mother's Day weekend and an early birthday present for her daughter.

But when they arrived, security wasn't going to let her daughter in due to the size of her sign marked with the words, 'my first concert.'

"...she actually had tears in her eyes," Oborowsky said, managing to convince security to let them enter with the sign.

"I honestly didn't know if she (Shania Twain) was going to call anyone on stage," saying that she told her daughter to hold up the sign when the musician came close to their side of the stage.

"The show must have been 75 per cent (done) ... and so she comes over to our side of the stage, and she's like, 'you know I love seeing the little crowd come out ... and there are these two beautiful children, giving it their all, and bopping along, and singing," and she pointed at another girl and Adalynn.

"I think Adalynn was kinda a little bit in shock," Oborowsky said as security took her daughter on stage to sing and get her pictures taken with the country singer.

After the concert, Oborowsky said that her daughter was noticed several times leaving the building and on the sidewalk outside of the SaskTel Centre.

"She (still) gets excited ... she still wants to listen to her music every single day in the car."