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Technical problems mean deadline extension for Battlefords music festival

Festival Fanfare
Those wishing to participate in the Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival have until Feb. 8 to register.

THE BATTLEFORDS — Technical problems with the online entry registration system, Music Festival Suite, being used by the Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival, have extended the deadline for entries to Feb. 3. It’s more important to the festival committee that all interested participants have the opportunity to secure entries than stick to the original deadline amid technical glitches. Entry forms can be found online by searching “Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival” and clicking on the “Music Festival Suite” link.

The areas of musical discipline for the festival include vocal singing, musical theatre, spoken word, choral, piano, organ, guitar, strings, woodwind instrument, brass instrument, percussion, and band ensemble. 

The 2024 Battlefords Kiwanis is scheduled to run from April 15 - 28 with the celebratory Gala night at the Dekker Centre. Depending on actual entries, bands, strings, instrumental solos and small ensembles are scheduled April 15-19. Voice, musical theatre and spoken word classes will be hosted at the Third Avenue United Church from April 21-24. Piano classes, also hosted at Third Avenue United Church, are scheduled from April 24-28.

The Kiwanis Battlefords Music Festival is one of 40 provincial district festivals under the umbrella of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association. Established in 1908, the SMFA has a long cultural impact on Saskatchewan music and arts. As summarized on their website, communities continue to embrace the festival concept for several reasons. Festivals offer opportunities for both educational growth and community entertainment. Festivals give communities the ability to acknowledge and support the success of their young people. Festivals offer multi-generational interactions. Festivals encourage students to set goals and showcase abilities while receiving construction adjudication from professional musicians. Festivals offer opportunities to develop condense and discipline. 

Also discussed on the SMFA website is their goal to work closely with other similar music organizations across Saskatchewan to ensure that the programs are relevant. Accessibility to programs and recognizing changing demographic circumstances within the province is a high priority. The need for a culturally aware society is of increasing importance, given the pressures exerted upon us by the rapid electronic environment in which we live. The SMFA is committed to cultivating awareness by providing information, education, opportunity and a clear vision of their role in this task. If you are interested in knowing more about the SMFA, check out their website

For local folks wanting to show support the festival, there are a variety of options. Businesses or individuals may wish to sponsor a session or award. Volunteer opportunities come in all sizes. For folks with more complicated schedules, volunteering might be making phone calls or running errands. For folks with less complicated schedules, volunteering might involve being a greeter outside of sessions during the festival or being a secretary for the adjudicator. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and see where your time, skills, or resources might be of most help. Correspondence can be directed by email to the Committee secretary Amy Francais or P.O. Box 1301, North Battleford, Sask. S9A 3L8.

“Listening is more important than anything else because that’s what music is. Somebody is playing something and you’re receiving it. It is sending and receiving.” — Carla Bley, an American jazz composer, pianist, organist, and bandleader (1936 – 2023)