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Bjorkdale News: Students compete at provincial archery tournament

Bjorkdale had a total of 18 archers in Moose Jaw competing at the provincials.

BJORKDALE — The Village of Bjorkdale sent representatives to the 2023 Annual Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Convention for the first time in over 15 years. The Village of Bjorkdale had entered a Small Community Support program and received two free registrations for the convention.

Councillor Orin Bratton and Administrator Nicole Goldsworthy were able to take in the three-day conference and bring back a wealth of knowledge to the community. Some of the educational sessions they took were on included: Dialogues with the SUMA board, relating municipal well-being to community planning, wild weather on the rise, preparing for the future, village sector meeting, 10 things your town and village administration wishes you knew, SUMA AGM and awards as well as hearing from Premier Moe.

The Bjorkdale Bandits headed to Moose Jaw on April 22 and 23 for the provincial National Archery in Schools tournament. Bjorkdale had a total of 18 archers in Moose Jaw competing. Bjorkdale’s best result came from a first year archer, Nora Horn who finished 10 out of 33 in elementary girls and fourth out of 12 out of the Grade 4 girls. Eva Tsaprailis was 38th out of 107 middle school girls, Cache Schapansky was 25th out of 53 boys in the elementary school category. Elianna Tsaprailis finished 15th out of 33 elementary girls. Penny Mohr is the coach for the Bjorkdale archers.

In NASP, international style target and IBO 3-D style archery is used to teach participants the values associated with learning a lifelong skill. With an emphasis on process rather than results, NASP strives to instill a fun and safe shooting environment for each participant.

The program promotes inclusive participation as a team or individual; girls, boys, and all ability levels are encouraged to join. NASP uses equipment that is universal to all its participants from grade four to grade twelve and has been built to suit the outcomes and indicators of the Sask Ed curriculum. The only alterations allowed are those used to help archers with physical limitations. SAFETY is the guiding principle in NASP.