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Bjorkdale News: The one that didn't get away

Abbigale Andrusiak caught a 20-pounder on Barrier Lake while canoeing with Lauren Spedding. It was the first fish she ever caught.
Abbigale Andrusiak, left, went canoeing on Barrier Lake with Lauren Spedding. While on the lake Abbigale managed to catch her first fish.

BJORKDALE —  Lauren Spedding of Bjorkdale and Abbigale Andrusiak of Tisdale had quite an adventure.

Tuesday, May 9 was both girls' first time fishing in a canoe at Barrier Lake and thought it was just going to be a relaxing canoe ride. Lauren, 21, and Abbigale 20, love to be out on the water decided to take some fishing rods just in case. They hadn’t planned on fishing so they didn’t bring many supplies and didn’t think they were going to catch anything.

They were planning on canoeing to the bridge on the west side of the lake but others were already fishing there so they just went out into the lake and that’s when Abbigale pulled in what looks to be a 20-pound fish. This was Abbigale’s first fish she has ever caught. Congrats girls!

The Bjorkdale School hosted a Mother's Day Tea and had the elementary kids performed. A crowd of around 80 people were in attendance. Thank you to Veronica Nakonieczny and Ashton Stretton for making the desserts for the event.