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Crops in the northeast starting to show signs of stress

Saskatchewan Agriculture's Crop Report for the period July 19-25.
storm over canola swift current
The Crop Report for the Northeastern Saskatchewan region covers Crop District 8 – Hudson Bay, Tisdale, Melfort, Carrot River, Humboldt, Kinistino, Cudworth and Aberdeen areas; Crop District 9AE – Prince Albert, Choiceland and Paddockwood areas.

NORTHEASTERN SASKATCHEWAN CROP REGION — After another dry hot week and producers are hoping for some rain so that their crops don’t start to show a reduction in yield potential. However, crops generally look good in the region despite beginning to show signs of stress.

The hot dry week helped haying operations and livestock producers currently have 60 per cent of the hay baled or put into silage. An additional 27 per cent is cut and ready for baling. Hay quality is currently rated as 23 per cent excellent and 77 per cent good.

Very little precipitation was received this week in the region, with the most being recorded in the Humboldt area with 17 mm. The Melfort area received 15 mm, the Arborfield area 14 mm and the Lake Lenore area 10 mm. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as, one per cent surplus, 80 per cent adequate and 19 per cent short. Hay and pasture land is rated as three per cent surplus, 69 per cent adequate, 26 per cent short and two per cent very short.

The majority of crops are in fair-to-excellent condition. Crops across the region generally look good but as hot days continue and moisture becomes sparse, crops have experienced yield reducing stress such as heat blasting of flower petals.

Most of the crop damage this past week was from heat, insects, disease and wind; which has left many crops lodged across the region, making harvest difficult