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Baljennie News: Museums host summer events

Parade welcomed back to Battleford.
steam tractor
One steam-powered tractor will be featured in a parade of power during History in Motion at the North Battleford Western Development Museum Aug. 20.

BALJENNIE — The Western Development Museum staff and volunteers in North Battleford have been busy getting everything in running order for History in Motion set for Aug. 20 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some extra volunteers have been showing up to help but there are still more things to get ready.

There will be a parade of power with horses, tractors, a fire engine and some antique cars. They will have only one steam-driven tractor running.

There will be children’s activities and a brief demonstration of field work and threshing.

The Fred Light Museum in Battleford hosted a family fun day. The blacksmith shop was operating. There was a good turnout with lots to do, food fun and drinks. At times the weather was a little damp with rain showers.

Anyone who follows moon phases will have noticed the super moon. It has been happening the past four months. It shows up much larger than other seasons, as it is at its closest to Earth.

The town of Battleford held a parade last week. There had not been one for the past two years. There were many entries of all kinds from the local area including the old fire truck. The route was well populated with interested watchers.