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Baljennie News: WDM hosts one-day History in Motion

Day will feature a parade of power and other activities.
Antique Tractor
North Battleford WDM is always looking for volunteers to help operate and maintain their antique tractor collection.

BALJENNIE — The Western Development Museum in North Battleford is hosting a one-day summer event. History in Motion will be held Aug. 20, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be no field work activities at the one-day event as they take time to prepare.

Those Were the Days a two-day event, was last held in August 2019. It had been held for many years in the vintage farm and village. In the past they had many volunteers to keep things going, but there is getting to be fewer and fewer volunteers. Many older people are no longer able to help. In fact, many of them have passed on.

It’s difficult to recruit new volunteers to help with the antique tractors. The museum welcomes new volunteers. Those interested can contact the museum.

History in Motion will include a parade of power featuring horses and tractors of the 1920s era. There will be fire engine rides and the blacksmith shop will be open. Other farm activities will also be featured.

A partnership between the museum and Kanaweyimik Child and Family Services will see First Nation people demonstrating their way of life on the open prairie before colonization. They have teepees set up.

Get well wishes to some of the tenants of Battlefords West Place who are having health problems. Hope all is well soon.

Thank you to one tenant who spends much of his time out and about picking up big bags full of garbage. It is disheartening so many people just toss their trash wherever.