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Borden Museum looks back on 2021

Borden and Radisson News: Ed Neufeld nominated for volunteer recognition
borden archie
Borden Museum held three Saturday information events over the summer of 2021. Archie Wainwright was one of the community volunteers making presentations.

BORDEN — The Borden Museum held their annual and regular meeting in the schoolhouse building Feb. 22. Karen Kerr chaired the meeting and Brenda Tumbach was recording secretary. The financial report, presented by treasurer Ruben Rempel, showed income of $10,636 and expenses of $12,663, with income still to come in for the student wages in 2022. The museum has four term deposits totaling more than $50,000. Heather Penner gave a report on grants paid and available. Ed Neufeld's building and grounds report indicated ramp and stairs were stained, a front door installed, back doors reinforced and the site prepared outside for the miniature Borden buildings. In 2022 the schoolhouse will be repainted and the barber shop repaired. Brenda Tumbach reported on the displays worked on in 2021 – arrowhead collection, Foster’s Store, miniature village, camera and post office. Programs and activities were scarce in 2021 according to Heather Penner, due to COVID. There were three Saturday presentations regarding elevators, quilting and livery barn. A student was hired for the summer months and organizers hope to be hiring one in 2022. Young Canada Works pays 85 per cent of the wages in 2022. Cyril Saunders gave a report from the Threshing Club. They hosted potato digging in the fall and pumpkins and corn were sold at the farmers market and the co-op. The board nominated Ed Neufeld for volunteer recognition for his work on the grounds and displays. Other members of the board are Stew and Eleanor Walton, Elaine Gunsch, Heather Deck and Darby Sutherland. At the regular meeting that followed the possibility of a spring supper was discussed and members will decide at a March 15 meeting. Winning at the Feb. 16 cash bingo hosted by the Borden Friendship Club were Tom Hrenkiw (2), Martha Rempel (3), Stew Walton, Colleen Dear, Corinne Szwydky and Lorraine Olinyk (2). The next bingo will be March 16 at 7 p.m. in the Club Room. The Friendship Club will be holding a business meeting March 9 at 2 p.m. to make decisions on future potluck suppers and the annual meeting in April. Maintenance workers for the Village of Borden are Brendon Parker and Ryan Odell and the new rural mail delivery person, replacing Martha Rempel who retired in January, is Lee Tracksell, who starts after March 7. The new part-time worker at the post office is Cathy Young of Borden.