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Edam manor hosts Santa Day

Mayfair News: Ice shacks dot the lake in spite of Arctic conditions
Meota Lights
The home of Charlene Esquirol and Dave Anderson was judged to have to most outstanding light display in Meota.|
MEOTA ‑ Santa Day at Edam's Enriched Manor was held Dec. 18, from 2-4 p.m. Many parents with young children attended and enjoyed time with the senior residents. There were colouring books and crayons, candy bags, cookies and hot chocolate and door prize draws. There were no wagon rides this year because of the cold weather.

"Light 'em up 2021" was the name given to the Edam Christmas lighting competition. Best residence display first place went to Don and Linda Carson and second to Brandon McCloskey. Best business display went to Edam Credit Union and second to Hancock Petroleum (Petro Can). Biggest and brightest display went to Ray and Charlene Seipp with second to Jack and Marie Milnthorpe. The best senior display was won by Dave and Marion Ottas followed by Stan and Debbie Peterson. The best block display went to 4th Avenue South tied with Westview Court.

The winner of the large gift basket was Dennis Johnson and of the smaller gift basket was Laura LaClare. Winners of gift cards from the scavenger hunt were Jim and Janelle Olson, the Troesch family and Connor LaClare. The organizers send out their gratitude to the sponsors and everyone who worked to make this day so successful.

The end to another year and not many folks are happy with the way life is going. Problems across the world seem to just keep multiplying. With men smart enough to fly to the moon, why can't they solve some of the problems right here on Earth? During this holiday season most folks would agree that life in Meota is good, and we have so much to be grateful for. We are missing the noon meals at the hall once a month. We are missing the people as much as the food and many other activities we usually enjoy.

More snow means more shovelling and finding a place to put the snow when you move it. The cold temperatures this week have spoiled winter fun activities, so instead of playing outside, as recommended by the health authorities, folks have been forced to play indoors. You don't see many people out there walking their dogs either. One snowmobiler was seen towing a cute little enclosed caboose, with children inside. Don't underestimate people's resources in getting outside with those kids.

Most families had company for a few days, over the holidays, or went away to family, and appreciated getting together with the youngsters who make the excitement real. We all ate too much, but holiday food is extra good and who could resist?

The coast of British Columbia was able to brag of having a white Christmas. Will that group of folks in Vancouver do their New Year's dip in the ocean again this year? We will see. They surely don't need more moisture, in any shape or form and this would be a pretty cold "dip" this year.!

There have been several fish shacks moved out onto the lake. We could see about 16 in the blowing snow on Boxing Day, out from the beach area, and there are bound to be more out in other areas. This is about half what we end up with out there.

Another week of action at Meota Curling Club started off with a flawlessly executed game from the Dave and Jacquie Code team who were playing without their first-team all star, Kirsten Bru. Alongside Brad Pearson and Wayne Payne, the Codes made short work of the Kyle Doom team in an 8-1 win. Doom battled while missing 75 per cent of his regular team, who had entered Christmas party protocol. 

Game of the week featured the top ladies' rink out of the RM of Turtle River, Team Demontarnel, versus the top three women curlers from the greater Meota area (and Pat Mohr). Although showing flashes of brilliance, Demontarnel could not get any momentum going as Pat, alongside Huguette Johnson, Blaire Chapman and Brenda Mohr, were all playing at peak performance and squeaked out an 8-5 win. 

Thursday night saw the Weber rink battle it out with the Terry Tait rink. It was a back-and-forth affair as both teams capitalized on their hammer opportunities. The Tait rink pulled ahead in the sixth end and never looked back as they went on to win 11-5. 

The Becotte team was seen practicing Thursday night as they were awarded a win by default, due to a schedule misinterpretation by team Czuy. The team was jubilant to get back into the win column. 

Congratulations to curler of the week, Darlene Hummeny. A pillar of strength on the Tait rink, Darlene out performed all other leads in Week 3 by more than 10 per cent in shooting accuracy. An expert in judging weight and line, the sweeping advantage tipped the scales in favour of her team leading to a Week 3 victory. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to the many folks who have helped me out with news items these past years, especially the last couple years when we have had to adhere to health regulations and keeping safe in our community activities. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive 2022, with many blessings for everyone.