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Former resident dies at age 100

Baljennie News: Reunion for Rowland family members
Vernon and Joyce Custer were active members of the Baljennie community.

BALJENNIE ‑ Vernon Custer of River Heights Lodge in North Battleford passed away Sept. 17. He had celebrated his 100th birthday July 1. Sympathy is extended to all the family.

Vernon was born in 1921 at Baljennie. He was the second son of David and Linda Custer. He was raised in Baljennie and attended school there. After school he spent time with his dad. They were enthusiastic horse people. He bought a farm of his own and married Joyce Besse of Liard Lake in 1945. They had a family of five sons and one daughter.

In 1973, he son Bryan was killed in a car accident His son Mark and wife Kim took over the farm and ranchland and still have a few cattle and horses.

Vernon and Joyce took in many community activities and did some volunteer work for the neighbours when needed. They were members of some of the cubs in Baljennie. They also like to curl in the old Baljennie curling rink.

In Vernon's lifetime he experienced two house fires and was able to recover and continue on. Joyce had a few health problems and needed home care and eventually lived at River Heights Lodge where she passed away in 2011.

Vernon managed on his own for a time and later he moved into assisted housing and later to River Heights Lodge. Interment was in the Baljennie St. Bridgett's cemetery next to his wife and close by family members.

We had our son Glen Mills of Penticton, B.C. visiting or a week with his brother Walter and Olive Mills of West Park. While here, Norma Kowerchuk, his aunt, hosted a family reunion for the Rowlands family at her new home in Battleford. Dorothy and Stanley Mills, Margaret and Sam Parrish of Willowmoore, John and Arlene Rowlands of rural Battleford, Irene Greer of Baljennie and Bradley and Linda Kowerchuk, Norman's son and daughter-in-law from North Battleford attended. We were all treated to lovely meal and family photos were taken.