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Haying underway, but bale count down

Baljennie News
fall rural scene pic

Haying season is underway, but with it being so dry the bale count will be down this season. It could just make for a shortage of cattle feed for the winter.

Most areas of Saskatchewan are under burning bans. Once a fire gets stated it can spread quickly.

After a year of shut down, the annual chuckwagon races got started at the end of June at Poundmaker Cree Nation. Races will be held on the weekends until the end of August. They are not allowed at the Calgary Stampede on now.

My sister Norma Kowerchuk sold her little farm and has now moved into Battleford West Place. We welcome her to her new home.

A big thank you to our local resident and his wife for all the time they spend walking the highway ditches and streets and avenues picking up trash. So many people don’t care and dump so much garbage about. It is nice to look out and see a neat and tidy area. Keep up the good work.

Del Southgate and Doug Reinhart from Battleford West Place have moved to Battlefords Regional Care Centre. We wish you both well.

The Western Development Museum has been busy taking in holiday visitors to tour the grounds, although they’re not fully open for regular volunteers. There has been many outdoor activities going on since summer started. The work crew have also been busy doing some outdoor repairs on buildings and fences.

The crops are holding their own for now, but with no rainfall and the heat they are starting to deteriorate fast. There has be no rainfall for some time now. We do need a good, soaking rain. It has been smoky for the past week due to the many northern forest fires. Hopefully the winds will change to take the smoke away. In some areas pesky grasshoppers are starting to eat up the crops. The farmers have been spraying to slow them up.

North Battleford is hosting a parade this year on Aug. 19 with a carnival at the Ag Society grounds later in the week.