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Longtime reeve passes away at 79

Baljennie News: One last cleanup session at St. Bridgett's cemetery
cattle roundup
A roundup of cattle pastured in the Lizard Lake Community Pasture was recently held.

Elmer Ermolenko of Biggar, formerly of Wilson Lake area, passed away June 21 at the age of 79 years. Elmer was the reeve for the RM of Glenside from 1988 t0 2008. The funeral will be held at a later date at the Arelee Mennonite Cemetery.

A roundup of cattle pastured in the Lizard Lake Community Pasture was recently held.

Clean up day, the last of the season, was held at the Baljennie St. Bridgett's cemetery grounds. A big thank you to those who were there to do the job. Vernon Custer was laid to rest beside his wife Joyce Custer and other family members. Vernon was 100 years old in July 2021 and passed away in September.

It is the season when Canada geese, snow geese and ducks are fair game for hunting. Flocks are starting to move to southern areas for the winter.

Even though it is hunting season, deer and moose seem to be staying visible along the highways and country roads.

It’s the season for bugs. Fruit flies and noseeums are more prevalent than usual. Maple bugs prefer the south sides of buildings and fences where they soak up the sun. We are thankful they don't bite and are just a nuisance.