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Meota News: Concession reopens with new operators

Meota’s Got Talent draws 16 exhibitors.

MEOTA — More rain and more sunshine, and so the crops continue to ripen, the gardens continue to produce and we realize how wonderful our world really is in this part of the country. The many holes that were on our streets have been getting a fill by the town workers. A drive around the village is rewarding with the many beautiful flowers in so many yards.

A notice in email tells us the concession was closed down before the long weekend. However, it is being reopened this week by new operators, which we look forward to patronizing.  

Three tables of bridge players met at the Pioneer Hall in the city Tuesday. First place went to Fraser Glen and Albert Blais. Vern Iverson and Cletus Sherman tied with Barbara Mitchell and Donna Scherman tied for second. 

Canasta played at the Do Drop In Aug. 5 had four and half tables. They played three tables of four and one table with six. Winners at the tables of four were Arlene Walker and Janice Morton. With only a bit higher score were teams of three. Gerry Craig, Vern Iverson and Bev McCrimmon playing against Barbara Soloninko, Karn Kelly and Gwen Lacerte. The teams with three players had scores with a difference of only 70 points. They also seemed to have the most fun.

The musical programs offered at the community hall both evenings on the weekend of July 30 and 31, were well attended and appreciated. A lot of visiting took place as people had not seen one another for some time.

Meota seniors golf on Aug 4 saw 19 golfers out. The day was warm with a slight ocean breeze off Jackfish Lake. The foursome taking home the honours were Kent Morton, Laurie Ward, Donna Lambert and Lloyd Ward. The consolation recipients where: Terrence Dasilva, Carole Dyck and Sandy McVitie. The group gathered at the club house for a chit chat over coffee. An anomaly occurred with a three-way tie for second place coming in at 38

Meota Lakeside Paddle and Sail

(Submitted by Trudy Janssens)

Meota’s Got Talent was hosted by the Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail Sunday, Aug. 7. Volunteers were on hand by 10 a.m. to facilitate the setup.  There were 16 exhibitors.  

Darlene Soucess, Elaine Iverson and Lefa Sproxton contributed original art. Trudy and Leo Janssens displayed photographic art, as well as photographic books. Leo Janssens also brought over his Cinderella coach to draw attention to the show.

Lorna Pearson and Barbara DeHaan contributed crocheting and knitting. Carol Neabel contributed cross stitching. Warren Iverson and Vernon Iverson contributed wood working models and art pieces. Arlene Walker shared her hand-made trolls and rosemaling pieces. 

Brian Neabel brought several hand-made drums. Callum Geddes (10 years old from Regina) brought his guitar and preformed several songs with Brian Neabel on drums. Caroline VanEe contributed her baking talent with her delicious carrot cake. Eden and Levi Laliberte had painted the outdoor picnic table and turned it into a work of art, as well as bringing two board games.  

Approximately 25 people came through the show, however due to the absolutely wonderful weather we noticed that several of those were actually on their way to enjoy the great outdoors. 

It was very exciting to see that all the club’s water equipment was off the storage racks, on the beach or on the water. You can tell that people are keen to get in as much summer activity as possible.  

Meota’s Got Talent draws 16 exhibitors.


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