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Quilting enthusiasts meet at community centre

Meota News: Rapid COVID-19 tests available at libraries
Cozy home
Thinking back to tales of wicked winters of the 1930s evokes thanks for comforts of 2022.

MEOTA ‑ The ladies who enjoy quilting are busy again this winter, working in their sewing room in the Meota Community Center building. There are so many taking part in this social and informal enterprise, that they go at different times, as the room is not that large.

Rapid testing kits for COVID-19 are available at all the libraries in the province. The hours for the Meota library are Tuesday and Saturday from 9:30 to a.m. 12:30 p.m. and Wednesday and Thursday from 2 to 6 p.m. 

One thing we learned over the holidays was that to make the Mandarin oranges easier to peel, put them in warm water for several minutes. It makes all the difference in the world. You can get the peel off in one piece.

Did you phone Helen Munn on Sunday, when she turned 101 years old? She keeps quite well in Harwood Manor, but misses the company she doesn't get, because of COVID, so when family can visit it is doubly appreciated.

During these cold days of December and now January, I think back to the stories the pioneers told of the cold weather back in the 1930s, similar to what we are having. Compare the comforts we have today with how they managed back then and feel ashamed that we complain. They had to carry in the firewood and carry out the ashes, carry in the water and carry out the toilet pail and the slop pail, carry the milk in to separate it and carry the skim milk out for the calves. They had to shovel snow with a shovel not with tractors or bobcats, go to town with a team of horses, often walking behind the rig to keep warm and so on and on the story goes. We are so fortunate that over the years people have worked to make our life as comfortable as it is today and so we enter the year 2022 with all the pleasures and comforts we are used to. and are so blessed to enjoy.

The snowfall in southern British Columbia is being called a nightmare or a "white mare."

The shows on T.V. these days are reruns of those from the 1970s, that are not filled with violence as today's shows seem to dwell on. Two of these are the Match Game and Chain Reaction, game shows that I prefer.

Canasta was played at the Do Drop In on Dec. 31 afternoon, with only two tables and the scores were all close.

Most people have had company over the holiday, part of the time or all. Working people were happy to have a few days off, while some enjoyed the whole week. Some of the oil field workers had to work through the holiday days, however.

I was lucky to have a couple girls, Donna and Joyce, home for three days, but they are gone back to Alberta now. Coming this week is Sal from Beauval on her way home from being with her family in southern Alberta. 

There hasn't been that much action out at the fish shacks, but they do make for an interesting sight, out there.