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Reintroduced restrictions cause cancellation of activities

Meota News: Senior golf wind-up rescheduled for this week
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The province is again requiring masking indoors, and some activities are being impacted by the restrictions designed to stop the spread of COVID-19.
With health precautions back in effect, many programs have been discontinued, again. The band members played it safe and only four came out this last week. There is no way to play a wind instrument with a mask on.

Last week the local bridge players met at the Do Drop In on Monday afternoon with top score going to Vern Iverson, followed by Eric Callbeck and Linda Ard. In the city Tuesday afternoon, they had three tables and top score went to Gerry Craig and Beverly Lamon. In second were Vern Iverson and Anna Waldbillig. Thursday evening, in the Pioneer Hall, there were three and half tables and top score went to Fraser Glen and Jean Lawes. Second were Margaret Dyck and Dave Creegan and third were Catriona Winterholt and Donna Scherman. 

Friday afternoon, seniors gathered at the Do Drop In in Meota and played Norwegian whist. High scores were made by Albert Huys, followed by Eric Callbeck and Gail Hilderman.

In British Columbia a new resident can talk to a doctor by phone only. They are that short of doctors there and with the present situation with COVID-19, it will only get worse. Family members are wishing they had known this before making their move from Calgary to Kamloops.

It will be interesting to watch and see where the pumpkins are from when picking out your Halloween pumpkin this year. They will likely be from the United States. Canadian farmers could not bring in the many foreign workers needed to harvest their crop here, so didn't plant any.

The seniors' golf wind-up that was slated for Thursday morning at our local golf course last week was postponed to this week, because it was a miserable day, with a cold and strong wind.

There was a gathering of seniors at the Do drop In Sunday evening to watch two DVDs shown by Trudy Janssens. The long video taken by the late John Kalesnikoff of Meota was most interesting, as he followed many local birds and animals in their day-to-day lives around Jackfish Lake. There were so many different birds shown, we should have had a bird book at hand, but we knew the animals he photographed.

There was a garage sale or two last weekend, and there will likely be a few more this fall as people make their move to relocate before winter sets in and they do some downsizing.

On Facebook recently I read that in Denmark the farmers are required to grow five per cent of their land as field flowers for the bees. Since my grandson, Eric Sandstrom, is living there now I thought it was a good opportunity to see if such is true. He inquired and was told they are offered a grant if they do this, but are not required by law to do so. The choice is theirs. 

Did you see the beautiful red sunset Thursday evening? It was gorgeous even without any clouds. There was frost Friday morning. There was a light skiff on the bird bath and damage to some flowers that are sensitive to the cold, but did not damage them all.