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Volunteers gather to spruce up churchyard

Baljennie News
summer rural scene
Photo by Louise Lundberg

Cleanup day was held at the Baljennie St. Bridget’s churchyard and grave areas. A big thank you goes out to all the helpers who got the job done.

Fortieth wedding anniversary greetings to Barry and Betty Custer of Battleford.

Dwayne and Cheryle Bater welcome a new granddaughter born to their daughter Sara Lynne and Brandon Houk of North Battleford. She is a baby sister for their son Alden.

Fiftieth wedding anniversary greetings to Bill and Joan Rayner of Battleford, formerly of Baljennie.

A recent storm sent a few strikes of lightening to Darrel Parkison’s farm west of Baljennie. With some quick help from close neighbours, Sonningdale fire department and Eagle Creek Hutterite Colony volunteers a resulting fire was brought under control before it spread into the marshy land. He lost a few things in the blaze. Another fire right in Baljennie started up on a windy day, originating with a burning barrel near the old post office where Mattie and Phyllis Parkison used to live. Not much damage was done. A similar crew of volunteers brought the blaze under control.

A storage barn burned in the Sonningdale area in another blaze. Firefighters again got it under control before it got into a bushy area close by.

The RM of Glenside is in the process of completing work on a new heated workshop in the RM maintenance yard. July 20 there is going to be a grand opening celebration. For more information contact Kim or Mark Custer.

Thank you to Kim and Mark for sharing news of happenings in Baljennie area and the RM of Glenside.

The North Battleford Western Development Museum grounds have been busy. Five big teepees are set up. Indigenous volunteers have been giving lessons on traditional ways and culture and much more. June 21 they hosted powwow dancing and other activities.

After a year of being shut down, the chuckwagon races started at Poundmaker Cree Nation the end of June. They will continue until the end of August at different locations.

The Battlefords celebrated Canada Day with a colourful display of fireworks on King Hill. Many were out to see them. They did not last long, but it was nice to see them, as last year they were cancelled. Even shut-ins in Battleford could see them. Thank you to North Battleford and all volunteers who worked to create the show.