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5 teachers retiring at Tisdale Middle and Secondary School

Some of the retirees have been replaced with teachers within the TMSS school staff and some of the jobs have been posted and hiring of new teachers has already taken place.  
TMSS retiring staff: Scott Brinklow, Judy Rudd, Christina Janzen, Sharolyn Simoneau and Dean Janzen.

TISDALE — The Tisdale Middle and Secondary School will see five teachers retiring at the end of this school year. 

Between all five retiring teachers – Scott Brinklow, Judy Rudd, Christina Janzen, Sharolyn Simoneau and Dean Janzen – they have a total of 163 years of teaching experience. 

Dean Janzen has taught for 31 years, mostly teaching physics and computer classes. Janzen said he could have retired last year, but his wife, Christina had one more year, so he decided to do another year so they could finish together. Janzen said, “My biggest highlight was getting to teach my two sons. I also loved the time I spent coaching basketball.”  

In Janzen’s retirement speech at the Northeast Teacher Association (NETA) Dinner he said, ”People have asked me about why I’m retiring now, and I tell them I’m tired. I’m tired and ready to go. It’s not that I don’t still enjoy what I do, because I do enjoy it. I love being with my students. But it got me thinking, what exactly do I mean when I say that I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to attend all the meetings, to mark all the assignments, to figure out new ways to do things, but most of all I don’t have the energy to worry about my kids. There are lots of things you learn when you study to become a teacher, but the one thing they don’t teach you is how hard it is to worry about all your students. If you are a parent, you understand what I’m talking about. You worry about your kids every day.”  

Christina Janzen has taught for 30 years and spent her entire career in the North East School Division. Janzen was born in Tisdale and raised in Sylvania.  

“I spent my time working with students that have unique learning needs. It was a special moment when they realized their potential and that they could be successful in school. I truly celebrated alongside them as their confidence increased and they began to believe their dreams and goals were possible.” 

Janzen started teaching at École Zenon Park, then moving to Sylvania School. Janzen said, “Teaching in Sylvania was another unique experience since I had attended there as a student, then returned as a teacher and ended up with one year as the principal.     

Janzen’s final few years has brought her back home to Tisdale, teaching in Diversity Ed, EAL, and Grade 9 ELA.  Janzen helped with Drama and SRC and said her time one-on-one with kids will be the part she misses most.  

“Sharing my career with my husband Dean has been a blessing, we can always rely on each other for support and have a sounding board when needed.  I am looking forward to spending more time with Dean, our son Noah and his wife Jodie, and our youngest son, Erik.” 

Sharolyn Simoneau has taught mostly mathematics and physical education for 33 years  

Simoneau has worked her entire teaching career in Tisdale. “Throughout my career, I spent countless hours coaching golf, curling, basketball and track and field. I loved every minute of it. I am going to miss the social aspect of being a teacher. The interactions with the students and the incredible staff that I have had the pleasure to work with every day,” Simoneau said. She is looking forward to more time with my family, more travel, more golf and starting my new role as grandma.  

Scott Brinklow has taught since 1997 and at TMSS for 27 years. Brinklow was born in Scotland and his family moved to Canada in 1968. From attending the University of Saskatchewan for his education degree, Brinklow said, “That love for sports and education followed me as I transitioned from student to teacher.” Brinklow also reminisced on teaching in Red Earth and has fond memories teaching there. “The years have been fun, rewarding, hard, dramatic, stressful and at times crazy. It’s hard to believe I am one in three people who have taught at TMSS since its inception.” 

Judy Rudd has taught for 42 years and has taught over 40 different subjects throughout her career. Rudd’s highlights were working with her wonderful colleagues that she will miss dearly, the students, helping with SRC, dinner theatres and coaching. 

Rudd started teaching in Ridgedale originally. It was a K-12 school, all double grades. She recalls that she wasn’t on the semester system and taught 13 subjects the first year. Rudd had to start from scratch with each of the subjects as there was only a textbook and no internet. When the Ridgedale school closed she moved to TMSS. 

Carmen Messer, Principal for TMSS said all of the hiring has been done for the fall. Some of the retirees have been replaced with teachers within the TMSS school staff and some of the jobs have been posted and hiring of new teachers has already taken place.  

“There will be a gap left on our staff with these five all leaving at the same time. They represent decades of teaching experience and knowledge, including school life in the legacy Tisdale School Division. Four of the five are high school teachers who have accreditation, so next year our students will be writing provincial departmental final exams which will be a change for all of us. They have all dedicated countless hours to youth in our community with both their teaching and their volunteerism coaching sports, leading school clubs, and organizing events, like graduation and student award ceremonies. As sad as we are to have them leave, we’re excited for them and the next chapter of their lives. Maybe they’ll be able to stop worrying about our community’s youth and start taking some time to themselves for a change. It is well deserved,” said Messer.