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Changes coming soon to North Battleford council agendas

City of North Battleford website to include new iCompass portal to provide easier access to agendas and documents.
North Battleford council members got a look at the iCompass portal being brought in to post council agendas, at their executive committee meeting Tuesday.

NORTH BATTLEFORD - Some changes are coming to the City of North Battleford website soon that will provide easier access to agenda packages.

At their Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday night, City Clerk Stacey Hadley led council members through a presentation about the iCompass software for online documents.

Up to now, council agendas had been made available on the city’s website and distributed to the public and to members of council. With the iCompass software, the council agenda will be posted on a web portal, but there will be enhancements such as clickable links where councillors can go back and forth to access attachments.

According to the iCompass web page, a civic web portal is added as an extension to the city’s website where agendas, minutes and other records are posted. The agendas packets can also be automatically updated to include additions or deletions. 

The idea is that the platform will allow for faster and easier creation of council documents. “It really will be quite efficient on the staff end but hopefully give council some benefit too for presentations, for that information,” said Hadley at the meeting.

The idea is also for more transparency and ease of access for the public as well in finding council documents.

Before the city starts rolling out the platform, the plan is to train each of the city councillors in how it works. Hadley told council they are looking at using the platform for their March 13 council meeting.