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Miguel Fenrich recognized in Legislature

Cut Knife-Turtleford MLA Ryan Domotor speaks of Miguel Fenrich’s accomplishments in being awarded a Platinum Jubilee Medal.
Miguel Fenrich
Miguel Fenrich received a Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal in January.

REGINA - A Northwest area resident received a mention at the Legislature this week, and it is none other than our own Miguel Fenrich.

Fenrich, who works as a reporter for the Battlefords Regional News-Optimist, was recently presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal on Jan. 19th, 2023. Cut Knife-Turtleford MLA Ryan Domotor spoke of Fenrich’s accomplishments in the legislature Thursday.

Domotor's remarks are reprinted in full here from Hansard.

Mr. Domotor: — "Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Miguel Fenrich, a resident of Wilkie, has published not one but two books; opened his own publishing company, Supernova Press; and is working as a front-line reporter for The Battlefords Regional News-Optimist — all before he has celebrated his 21st birthday, Mr. Speaker.

"Miguel is also a board member for the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and the publishing group SaskBooks. Miguel started writing his first book titled Blue in June of 2020, and it was published a short time later in June of 2022. Miguel’s second book published is called What Lies in the Valley and it was released January 13th of this year. Mr. Speaker, Miguel continues to write...

"Growing up, Mr. Speaker, Miguel was not a writer. He was however an avid storyteller. Miguel enjoyed playing pretend, creating scenarios in his head, and then acting them out. One day he realized he could write down those things and a young novelist was born.

"It was my great honour, Mr. Speaker, to present Miguel Fenrich with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal at our celebration on January 19th, 2023. Mr. Speaker, I would ask that all members of this Assembly join me in congratulating Miguel Fenrich on his successful writing and publishing career. I wish him every success as he continues to pursue his dreams. Thank you."

This article has been updated to correct the name of Fenrich's second book.