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4-H leader recognized for 25 years of service

Brady Moncrieff, 4-H member turned leader, was honoured for his years of leadership.

SENLAC — 4-H leader Brady Moncrieff was recognized for 25 years of service on May 25, during the Senlac Multiple 4-H Club’s Achievement Day.

Moncrieff started off as a 4-H member at the tender age of six. As a cloverbud member, he got to learn about the different projects the club had to offer. Once he became old enough, Moncrieff took part in the beef and light horse projects.

In 1998 at the age of 18, Moncrieff decided to start taking on more of a leadership role with the beef project.

“I always liked helping the younger kids and showing cattle. It just seemed natural to continue to help,” said Moncrieff.

While the beef project was always his forte in 4-H, he did admit he was a sheep leader for one year.

“One kid wanted to do sheep and needed a leader. I stepped up to the job and I knew nothing about sheep,” he laughed.

Although Moncrieff has hung up the leader hat and officially retired from the role, he continues to be an ambassador for the 4-H organization.

“I encourage kids to stick with it and get further involved. There are scholarships, travel opportunities, contests and much more that can help one out,” he said.

Moncrieff was able to take advantage of the travel opportunities when he was a member through an interprovincial exchange in 1996 and a trip to British Columbia in 1998. Although he never applied for any scholarships, he knows how valuable they are for a graduating member.

“I have thousands of memories, both as a member and as a leader. It’s hard for me to pick just one to talk about,” he added.

He gives credit to the 4-H program for some of the skills he has acquired over the years.

“Public speaking, record keeping, grooming the animals and even making the contacts have helped me with not only my business, but in everyday life,” he said.

He is excited to hear that his children are excited to join 4-H next year and even though he may be tempted to jump into the leader role, he did say he was more than happy to just be a supportive parent.

Moncrieff and his wife Chantel raise their two children, Kaydee and Benny, on a farm near Senlac. They own and operate Ace Herefords, which has been their pride and passion for the past 20 years. Their business includes a herd of purebred Horned Herefords and a commercial herd of mixed Red Angus and Hereford cross cows.