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Another chapter to be written in Unity schools

Students headed back to class Sept. 1 in another pandemic year.

UNITY - In March of 2020, students were ripped from classrooms and were required to adapt quickly to online learning when the pandemic hit the province. During the 2020-21 school year, staff and students adapted to a number of pandemic protocols to keep everyone healthy and safe. Last year, although there were a few cases within schools, no cases were attributed to school transmission.

Sept. 1, students headed back to class still learning to adapt to a new normal and continued pandemic procedures. Both Living Sky School Division and Light of Christ School Division released their Safe Schools Plan on Aug. 27. These divisions followed up with a memo Aug. 31 stating that while they understand everyone may not agree with procedures outlined, they urged people not to defy the protocols that have been laid out in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. Virtual classes are an option for those families not wanting students in class.

It was evident from the chatter and laughter heard, that students were excited for the opportunity to return to class, see their friends again and having gained a new appreciation for the opportunity to learn in person.

At Unity Public School, Principal Karalyn Brown says two additions will be Samira Haddon and Kyla Fidelack, covering maternity leaves for Jenna Carlton and Sarah Natske.

UPS Teachers for the 2021-22 school year are: Nicole Sopyc – Pre-K; Randi Miller – Kindergarten; Glenna Zamulinski – Grade 1; Kari Poppleton/Kyla Fidelack – Grade 2; Kerri Koback – Grade 2; Jenna Pool – Grade 3; Janelle Tyler – Grade 4; Samira Haddon – Grade 4/5; Lori May – Grade 5; Charles Jedlicka/Graeme Gieni/Karalyn Brown – Grade 6; and Jennifer Walz – student services teacher.

EAs for this upcoming school year at UPS include: Celia Rutley, Eden Liddicoat, Judy Knowles, Kim Brown, Michelle Kowerchuk, Michelle Hayes, Pam Leclerc, Renea Eichenlaub and Sandra Morin.

Other school staff at UPS will be Tara Ralston as secretary, Tanya Chester as caretaker, Tracey Kosheluk as counsellor and Donna Schultz-Abel as librarian.

UPS will begin fundraising for playground equipment this year.

At. St. Peter’s School, Principal Kelvin Colliar says, “Hannah Kendrick returns from her role in online learning to her Grade 6 classroom. Dan Wilgenbusch is looking after Grade 4 students in the morning until Kelsey Ackerlund returns from maternity leave in April. Allison Cooper joins us full time from Holy Family School teaching Grade 3. Michaela Deck is teaching Grade 1 while Tamara Sander is on maternity leave. Leita Deck is teaching kindergarten. Our new EAs include Jenn Thompson and Cherie Wagner.”

Colliar adds enrolment remains the same as last year at 132 students.

St. Peter’s students will enjoy some new playground equipment that was installed June 17.

Communities are reminded that healthy schools are a result of healthy communities so let’s continue to do our part in keeping students and staff in school.