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Dr. Doolittle mooove over: new vet clinic coming to Macklin

A new vet clinic being built from the ground up is looking forward to seeing new clients,

MACKLIN — When Border Vet Clinic announced the selling of the small animal portion of the animal hospital, Dr. Claudette Theriault knew a key component of vet medicine in the area would need to be filled.

Dr. Theriault started working on a plan last November, to bring the small animal clinic closer to home, and decided Macklin would be a good fit for the new business.

Macklin Veterinary Clinic will be accepting small animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, exotics, companion pigs, sheep and goats. Border Vet Clinic will still be able to service larger animals such as cattle and horses.

The building is brand new and will be located amongst the industrial buildings, not far from Rona. The bright red roof can even be seen from the highway. The majority of the equipment that will be used in the facility will be new, with some items being used.

The clinic will be fully staffed with registered veterinarian technicians daily, with access to full bloodwork, digital x-rays, ultrasound, behavioural training, as well as routine services such as vaccinations. Routine surgeries are also available, as well as some orthopedic surgeries Dr. Theriault is able to perform.

Although staff is promoting the new business, they are not ready to declare the clinic open, with construction still being done. Macklin Veterinary Clinic has secured a creative logo, which was created by Dr. Theriault’s daughter, Emma Bretzer.

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