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Highway 21 re-routing taking shape

Town of Unity waiting to hear from Sask. Municipal Board for approval on 1st Avenue local improvement project.

UNITY — Happy Canada Day. Once again, our Unity and District Museum is hosting a huge celebration for residents to enjoy. It is a wonderful opportunity to check out what our pioneers had to work with.

Most weekends there are first-class games going on at the ball diamonds and the opportunity to cool off.

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2022. Be proud of all you have accomplished, we certainly are. Thank you for the contributions you have made to our community throughout your school years. We look forward to following your future progress and if this brings you home to Unity to build your future, all the better. As you can see with the variety of businesses who flourish here, we are the right place for entrepreneurs.

We are so thankful for the recent rains. Everything looks beautiful and fresh. Of course, the construction crews are not as happy. As I write this, we are waiting to hear from the Saskatchewan Municipal Board for approval on our 1st Avenue local improvement project. The feedback has been promising.

It is also interesting to see the Highway 21 reroute taking shape.

We are thankful for all the progress in and around our community. Watch for detours as work continues. Enjoy the first month of summer and all it has to offer us.