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In the spirt of giving, Unity Kin Club creates and donates a sled shed

A first in the community, Unity Kin Club have donated, filled and erected the inaugural 'Sled Shed' in town at the Kin Park.

UNITY — The Unity Kin Club continue their commitment to all seasons at Unity’s Kin Park. The recent addition of a creative addition known as the “sled shed” was completed Dec. 2 by Kin Club members.

When Kin member, Pam Bonogofski, presented the idea of the sled shed to fellow members they immediately jumped into action bringing the concept to reality. It’s similar to the concept of a library.

Nutrien donated a portable container and the Kin Club refurbished it to hold the half dozen sleds they collected to put in it. The club is hoping to collect more sled inventory in the coming days and weeks.

A sign on its exterior reads, “Hello everyone who uses this park. We have a treat to make winter less dark. Take a sled, they’re for you to use. This is a privilege you should not abuse. Don’t even think of making a run and being a Grinch who stole all the fun. Sincerely, Unity Kin Club.”

Club member Kurt Elder said if the inaugural sled shed project is a hit, and people borrow and return sleds as intended, they plan to expand the project to Mount Wilson sled hill behind the arena next year.

The group said this was an excellent way for parents or grandparents to come to the small hill at Kin Park, intended for younger children because of its size, while not having to drag along a sled. They are hoping the initiative to take a sled and return a sled is well received.

“We are really excited about it and the opportunity to present such a unique opportunity for folks in the community,” says Elder.

The service club is hopeful people will appreciate and respect the gesture.

“We’ll see how this one goes. If sleds go missing or if the shed gets damaged, we would reconsider expanding the project to another place in town. However, we have a lot of faith in our community and the people here.”