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Local powerlifter wins provincial gold

Unity powerlifter, Shauna Hammer, captured provincial gold at recent competition

UNITY ‑ Shauna Hammer, CrossFit member and powerlifting competitor and coach, took home provincial gold in Moose Jaw Oct. 1 to 3.

Powerlifting consists of three lifts that include the back squat, the bench press and the deadlift, all which are judged on performance standards. Competitors have three attempts for each style of lift to put up the heaviest weight they can, building their total for the day.

Hammer put together a strong finish at provincials, with a new personal best of breaking the 600 lb mark, at an official 275 kilograms. She was also able to personal best in bench press at 59.5 kg and deadlift at 115.5 kg.

Competing as a 57 kg weightlifter, Hammer is in the Masters 1 age group and holds all provincial records in unequipped powerlifting for this class.

Athletes competing in this sport use maximum efforts that are both mentally and physically taxing which take time to recover from. Even in a normal year, Hammer said it Is unlikely she would attend more than a couple of competitions.

“Competing gives me a rare and special opportunity to connect with fellow lifters who also have a penchant for the sport. Competing is a skill in its own right: making body weight, managing nerves, strategizing nutrition, selecting weight attempts and evoking max effort and energy at just the right moments.”

The guidance of a coach is invaluable in the experience, and Hammer has been working with Dr. Marc Morris of Saskatoon since 2018.

Hammer says that it is the training that keeps her coming back to the bar. She says she feels training offers the physical and mental outlet that keeps her grounded and energized for everything else that life brings her way. For Hammer, the passion is the process, and the rewards are in the daily repetitions.