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Luseland artist creates another remarkable mural for local museum

Luseland Museum's mounted moose head is now featured in this newly unveiled spectacular mural depicting a winter scene

LUSELAND - Jared Fischer says he has been an artist from the moment he was able to hold a pencil, pen or permanent marker. Some of his first art projects, whether appreciated or not, took place on the underside of his grandmother’s dining table and inside the closets.

Fischer owns and operates a salon/spa/tattoo shop in Luseland called Beauty on Point.

“As far as artwork goes, I set up right in the living room in front of the tv," says Fischer. He says he doesn’t have a particular art specialty because, if it is creative, he will undertake the project.

Fischer’s artwork can be found on murals, tattoos, sculpture, painting in many different forms, maple leaf art, and portraits. He says at one time he hosted paint parties and he volunteered as set design/creation, costumes, writing, acting, and directing the local dinner theatre when these events were able to be held. He also likes to restore antiques and considers his creative work to be even more expansive than what he can list offhand in this story.

In 2005, he was asked to create his first outdoor mural wherein he painted a large mural on the Luseland arena as part of Canada’s birthday celebrations. Fischer says the supplies used were not ideal, therefore it failed and flaked away. Recently, he was asked to re-do this mural on the arena and no expense was spared for proper supplies with Fischer stating this project will now outlive him.

Fischer adds, “I have been commissioned for pieces all over. Interestingly, I have a portrait of Marilyn Monroe that I painted hanging in a famous tiktoker's home in [Los Angeles] which just happened to belong to Marilyn Monroe herself and Joe DiMaggio. “ 

His most recent work is a mural recently unveiled at the Luseland Museum that took about two weeks to complete. The museum committee wanted a winter scene, so I really wanted to capture the winter vibes in this piece.

Jean Halliday, on behalf of the Luseland Museum, says, “The Luseland Museum held an open house on Friday, Aug. 27 to showcase the new addition to their winter exhibit. The original winter scene included a snow plane, owned by Tom Body and a telephone pole with a snowy owl perched on top. Jared Fischer was commissioned to add to the winter scene by painting a mural and incorporate a taxidermy moose head.”

Halliday adds, “Several museum members prepared the area for the mural by installing painting friendly boards and by mounting the moose head. This moose was shot by Dr. Graham who served the community of Luseland for many years. “

The museum committee says that this mural is a spectacular addition to the museum and the moose is now “large as life” as a part of the new winter mural. Over 30 people attended the unveiling and were excited to see the mural as well as spend time exploring other areas in the museum.

The community of Luseland has often commended Fischer for his community involvement and artwork that has enhanced parts of the community. Fischer says he is looking forward to the next project he undertakes.