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Luseland native wins award at Yorkton Film Festival

The community of Luseland proudly heralding another hometown success story with Adrian Halter

LUSELAND — The community of Luseland celebrates another hometown success story. Adrian Halter, producer/director for HalterMedia Inc. was recently a winner at Yorkton Film Festival, winning the Best of Saskatchewan award, which Halter says was a huge highlight.

The award is for the TV documentary series Halter directs and produces, Flat Out Food.

Halter lived in Tramping Lake until he was nine, before his family moved to Luseland. His parents, Curtis and Theresa Halter still live there today. His sister lives in the community of Salvador and works in Unity.

Responding to an interview request from the Press-Herald/, Halter says, “I've wanted to do this since I was 13. I've always enjoyed making up stories and creating short films and video projects was a way to bring those stories to life. I used to make short films in Grades 8 & 9 and would even ask teachers if I could do video projects instead of written ones or presentations. The more I did it, the more I enjoyed it and it grew from there.” 

Halter maintains there were many people who were supportive of him and his career aspirations. One person he singles out is a teacher he had in high school at Luseland, Mr. Allan Doel, who pushed him to continue on the path he was on. Halter also points to Steve Allen, the vice principal and guidance counsellor at Luseland School, as he helped set up a work placement program for Halter in Lloydminster when he was a Grade 11 student. Halter graduated from Luseland School in 2006 and served as valedictorian that year.

Halter directs and produces a documentary TV series that airs on Citytv Saskatchewan, a Rogers Media Inc. channel. He was also recently profiled in the quarterly alumni magazine, Degrees, distributed by the University of Regina. Halter is a 2010 convocate of the U of R with a Fine Arts Degree in Film and Video Production. The U of R magazine highlighted his life, this recent award as well as the TV series, Flat out Food.

In our Press-Herald/ interview, Halter says, “I call myself a filmmaker. I own HalterMedia Inc. which is a video production company that focuses on corporate commercial work (marketing videos) and documentaries. We work with clients on the corporate side such as Agribition, Unity Way Regina, Heritage Saskatchewan, Hockey Canada, and the CNIB.”

HalterMedia Inc. documentary work has aired on TSN, CBD, Citytv, and AMI. In 2021, the media company produced five hours of broadcast television including one hour that aired nationally across Canada on AMI.

“Winning the ‘Best of Sask’ award this year at Yorkton was a huge highlight. I’ve worked on numerous commercial productions throughout the years that included a TV commercial I directed for Pioneer, which won a Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) award in 2017,” says Halter.

In 2018, Halter filmed a short documentary that aired nationally on CBC as part of the TV series, “The Exhibitionists”. He has also directed four episodes of the TV series, Our Community, which airs nationally on AMI. This year, an episode of Flat Out Food, WHEAT, was selected to represent Canada as a part of them being named Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair (

“I've had a lot of mentors along the way. One of the most impactful was Will Dixon. He was a professor of mine in university and now he works for Rogers Media Inc. He also happens to be the production executive on Flat Out Food.”

Halter tells the Press-Herald/ what keeps him busy in his spare time, “I have three kids so my wife and I are very busy. I help coach hockey for my oldest son. I am a former member of the SaskCulture Board, serving for six years, two of those as vice president. I have since stepped back from those types of commitments because business has grown. Gardening in the summer is a big passion of mine, and I also like to cook.”

Asked if he has ever been called up by his hometown for his expertise/guidance/advice/celebrity endorsement, Halter adds, “I was recently asked to possibly provide a work placement for a high school student in Luseland but logistically that just didn't work out. Other than that, no one has come calling but I'd be willing to offer any of those things that's for sure. “

Luseland has a number of small town success stories from their community including the renowned Jim Pattinson. Whether these former residents reside in the community, in the area, in the province or nationally, they are a great sense of pride for residents who love to share tales of that start with “They grew up in Luseland…”