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Milestone service pins presented to CWL in Wilkie

Wilkie St. James CWL is back to in-person activity.

WILKIE It was a special day, June 3, for Wilkie St. James CWL members.

The group hosted a tea to recognize the recipients of service pins. Members now receive service pins in five-year increments.

This year, 10 members were recobnized. Some of them served as past president or in other capacities on the executive.

2022 pin presentations included 10 years for Annette Germsheid; 15 years for Rebecca Cey and Chelsea Risling; 30 years for Mary Koch and Chelsea Risling; 50 years for Elizabeth Herle, Helen Miller and Valerie Risling; 65 years for Genevieve Wangler; and 70 years for Liucie Rohs.

St. James CWL in Wilkie began in 1944. There are currently 68 members in the group. The ladies’ church group just started having in-person meetings again starting in April of 2022. They have also now resumed serving funeral lunches.

A spokesperson for the group said, “We are looking forward to celebrating ‘the family’ this fall as per Pope Francis’s ‘Year of The Family’ dedication this year.”