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Unity mayor says structural issue at Unity Curling Club being addressed

Lighting for new access road to Unity will likely take place in spring says Mayor Del Frari

UNITY - As you have heard, our curling rink has been shut down due to structural issues. We expect to have the tender out in the next week to have the problem beam shored up. Once that is done, we can move on with a permanent fix that we have been assured should last the life of the rink.

Another reminder, do not park or stand close to the arena roof when there is snow on the roof. We have had two instances when snow has slid off and damaged vehicles. We probably aren’t finished with snow for this winter.

The hockey arena and outdoor activities are still busy.

A few days ago, was a day for mental health awareness. One of the best things for our mental health is to get outside, take a walk, snowshoe, skate, enjoy the sliding hill, cross-country skiing, or use your imagination like the igloos in the school yard. There are still local hockey games plus the skating festival to take in, or you can enjoy watching weekend sports at such as basketball at UCHS. Get out and take part.

We don’t have a timeline from SaskPower for lighting on the new access road. It will likely be spring.

Tax notices have gone out. We won’t have a budget ready for you until March, but I would expect a small increase to the mill rate. Once the budget is set, you will get another notice for the balance of your taxes. I’m hoping once the budget is set, we can also set a date for a public meeting. 

If you have photos of the town of Unity that you would like to share, please get in touch with Stacy Godin in the office. She has a project she is working on.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact any council member or staff at the office,