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Wilkie Housing Authority celebrates five decades in community

A golden anniversary celebrated in Wilkie at West View Villa as the Wilkie Housing Authority held a special event marking their 50 year milestone in the community

WILKIE — The Wilkie Housing Authority invited the community to join them on the celebration of 50 years in the community.

A small ceremony, luncheon and open house were hosted Aug. 9 at Wilkie’s West View Villa. Wilkie Housing Authority says, “It was a time to celebrate how far the facility has come and the hard work of past and present staff and board members.”

The tenant association served lunch which also provided them with a fundraising opportunity for their association. Suite tours were available after lunch.

The event offered an opportunity to meet the board and have a look around the facility. One of the organizers, Amanda Roth, said, “This anniversary celebration was well attended and attracted members of Wilkie town council as well as our MLA, who were all happy to share in our milestone.”

Town of Wilkie website states, “The Wilkie Housing Authority, social housing program, provides safe and adequate housing to individuals and families in need. The program is intended to serve households with low incomes; priority is given to seniors (60+), families with children and dependants and individuals with disabilities.”

This program is possible through contributions by the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. You can find more details on Saskatchewan Housing Corporation on the government website

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