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Winter forecast is un-brr-lieveable

For those that surf the winternet to find winter 2022-23 weather predictions...

Whether you couldn’t care less or your reactions is “For goodness flake” the winter forecast by a number of resources calls for more cold and more snow. You can surf the winternet and find a variety of opinions on what winter 2022-23 has in store, you can turn to your reliable elder wisdom or you can embrace the fact that “weather” you like it or not, winter is coming.

There are hopes that a lengthy enjoyable fall will endure for some time to come.

The Weather Network, one of many people’s trusted news source for accurate weather predictions says, “… for the rest of September, October and November features a gentle start to the season for most of Canada, with extended periods of pleasant fall weather deep into October.”

This Weather Network story says we can expect to see more typical late-fall weather, which will include snow for many Canadians. in their Canadian extended winter weather forecast for 2022-23, states,” A potpourri of precipitation and unreasonably cold conditions ahead.”

The website is predicting shake, shiver and shovel and advise readers to get flannel, hot chocolate and snowshoes, as a winter with plenty of snow, rain and mush as well as record-breaking cold temperatures is in store.

“The Prairie Provinces will be hit the hardest this year with tons of snow in both January and February.

“During the month of January, Canadians may see one of the coldest arctic outbreaks in recent years.” Weather terms like polar vortex and polar coaster will become more common in describing winter’s weather.

“There will be many significant weather disturbances that will cross the nation, but we are raising “red flags” for the first week of January across the Rockies and Prairies, with the potential of heavy snows, followed by a sweep of bitter cold air.”

The annual pig spleen weather prognostication, who’s unorthodox way of weather predictions, released on radio stations and social media in December, appears to have attracted the attention of more and more people who feel it provides a more accurate picture of winter and what it will deliver.

Your trusted weather resource may be the farmer you know or the community’s senior who always seems to have an acute sixth sense about impending weather, weather is one of the most common topics at coffee colleges throughout Saskatchewan communities.

Winter sports enthusiasts will be rooting for the more snow predictions, but I highly doubt too many people, are enthusiastic abut hearing Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen might be visiting our landscape and delivering more cold than we want to imagine.

Sept. 22 brings us the official, calendar-recognized first day of fall. I, for one, am hoping that the arrival of winter falls closer to the date acknowledged on our calendar. Hopeful or hopeless, as the saying goes “it is what it is.” Until then, carpe diem.

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