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Kathy Schaffer began mosaic art with a turtle table

A turtle table was created from refurbished broken tiles, and this table still has a place in Schaffer’s home.
Kathy Schaffer from Kattail Acres has an eye to design mosaic art.

MOOSE MOUNTAIN PROVINCIAL PARK - Kathy Schaffer never had the urge to be artistic when she was younger, but then her sister Maureen and her decided there was art they could do.

Schaffer will attend the Artist Colony of Moose Mountain Provincial Park for the first time from Aug. 22 – 28, and she is excited to be there.

Schaffer is married to Scott Schaffer, and they have two adult children. Spencer and his partner Katie have a two-year-old daughter named Isabella, and they are also expecting another child.

Their daughter Alexis lives in Ottawa.

The Schaffers live in Pilot Butte in a straw house. The eco-friendly home was built with oat straw, which at the time cost $1.50 per bale.

Solar panels were installed, and many refurbished items have been used throughout the house.

In her home, Schaffer has an art studio where she designs her unique pieces.

Schaffer said her sister is very crafty and she would often go and help her at craft shows.

They saw an art piece made from broken tiles and the two felt that this was something they could do as well.

A turtle table was created from the refurbished broken tiles, and this table still has a place in Schaffer’s home. The table at the time had a wooden shell. Today Schaffer uses metal as it stands up much better outside in the elements.

Her art can be a wall hanging, serving tray, table or just an ornamental piece, but each one is uniquely designed with none being similar.

She made some do-it-yourself kits, as many people had requested them. They will be available at the colony during her stay.

Each kit will have the pieces needed to make a mosaic piece with instructions. If a person does not feel comfortable making it on their own, Schaffer will offer assistance.

Staying in a cabin near the lake, Schaffer will see how it goes, as she is not sure what to expect during her stay.

Schaffer is a member of the arts council in Pilot Butte, and she offers classes seven to eight times a year. Depending on the project, the classes could take three to five weeks.

She looks forward to her experience at the colony and sharing her love of mosaic art.