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Weekly RCMP report

Weekly RCMP report

The weekly report is prepared with the assistance of the Carlyle RCMP. Issues involving the Mental Health Act, among others, are not reported. The report of this week covers the period of Jan. 9 to Jan 15.
Ward Cutler named Auctioneer Champion

Ward Cutler named Auctioneer Champion

Story:With top notch rhythm and chant, excellent voice control and clarity, and professionalism to boot, local auctioneer Ward Cutler was recently named the first ever Canadian Western Agribition Auctioneer Champion, making him a champion of champion

Keep telemarketers from accessing your phone number

It's a widespread annoyance to have telemarketers calling your home and business, and now it's an annoyance that will soon be experienced through your cell phone.

Religious Face Coverings

Religious face coverings have been a controversial issue in not only Canada, but worldwide as well.
Imprisoned in Mexico

Imprisoned in Mexico

We often view a vacation in Mexico as a short stay in paradise, a worry-free, fun-filled vacation but we often overlook the fact that while we may be in a tourist hot spot and feel relatively safe, we are still in a lower-income country where corrupt

Shockwave Youth locks in the New Year

The Shockwave Youth Centre, a non-profit organization that was formed to provide something entertaining and useful for the youth of Carlyle, started off the New Year with a lock-in. "Parents had to sign forms and then from 9 p.m.

From Where I Sit

The time has come

New Year 2012 in your favorite garden

Pause for Reflection

Cougar Corner

School Dance: The Student Council has a Much Music Dance booked for Friday, January 13, from 8:00 P.M. until 12:00AM. Doors are open from 8:00-9:00. Students from other schools must be invited by a G.F.

A new kind of currency

There's a move afoot in town to create a system of local currency.