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Colts likely to have luck on their side

Sports wrap-up with Bruce Penton
Locals ready to compete at national championships

Locals ready to compete at national championships

There is something special about Paige Lawrence and Rudi Swiegers. There is no doubt about it. The dynamic duo are loved by local supporters, their coaches, the judges and all who take in their performances.

CWB lawsuit of interest to all farmers

Just when you thought the battle over the Canadian Wheat Board was finally over, along comes Regina lawyer Tony Merchant. The latest in this saga has seen the Merchant law group launch a $15.

RCMP Weekly Report

The weekly report is prepared with the assistance of the Carlyle RCMP. Issues involving the Mental Health Act, among others, are not reported. The report of this week covers the period of Dec. 23 to 29.

Making wildlife land a priority

As grain and oilseed prices have climbed to near record levels across the entire range of Prairie-grown crops, there is a lure for farmers to turn every acre of land possible into crop land.

Junior Men's Provincial Curling Championships in Stoughton

The Stoughton Curling Club hosted the 2011-2012 junior men's curling championship from Jan 5-9th. A total of 12 teams competed and congratulations is extended to the winning team skipped by Brady Sharback from the Saskatoon Granite Curling Club.

The church according to Maytag™

I've owned a Maytagdishwasher for decades and I can't imagine life without it. Although Hubbie and I are physically capable of washing dishes by hand there's nothing like knowing the plates and cutlery are not only clean, they're sanitized.
Secret Santa hits during the holiday season

Secret Santa hits during the holiday season

We see it in the movies. We hear about it in the big-city newspapers. But how often, does a Secret Santa hit close to home? Before Dec. 20, Angeline Redstone was like most people. She had never received an anonymous gift from someone she didn't know.
Grace Smyth competes at Skate Canada Challenge

Grace Smyth competes at Skate Canada Challenge

More than 500 skaters descended upon Regina from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4 for the 2012 Skate Canada Challenge and local 14-year-old Grace Smyth was one of them.

The passage of time

A new year has arrived, and that leaves most of us thinking about the passage of time. For most of us the passage of time is marked by things we do more than the flipping of a page on a calendar.