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It's almost showtime for the Stoughton Community Theatre

Exit Laughing will be performed on two weekends in December.
From left, Debbie Mclenaghan, who plays Millie, and Louise Hislop, who plays Connie, are well into their fifth week of rehearsing the play Exit Laughing.

STOUGHTON - The Stoughton Community Players are busy rehearsing for their long overdue play Exit Laughing.

For two years, this event was shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions, so they are excited to finally get the show on the road this year.

Exit Laughing is a play by Paul C. Elliott. It consists of five main characters that have played bridge together for many years and then something happens.

Scott Richardson is the director, and he is a Stoughton resident. Richardson directed the production Buying the Moose as well and has 30 years of theatre involvement.

Jonathan Lake is the stage manager. Lake is a familiar face on stage but wanted to learn behind the scenes. He resides outside of Stoughton with his wife Cheryl and their children.

Lake was in Buying the Moose and has been involved in theatre since high school, so he brings a ton of experience.

Matt Sangster is the assistant stage manager, lights, and sound person. He lives in Stoughton with his wife Rhonda and their children.

As for the cast, Rochelle Huriet plays the character Rachel, a 35-year-old college student.

Huriet performed several plays in high school and took part in the last dinner theatre Insane and Power.

Louise Hislop plays the character Connie Harland, who is Rachel’s mom.

Hislop lives in Stoughton and has been involved in theatre for about 30 years. She was last on stage with the production of Fox on the Fairway.

She has been an actor, director and stage manager, and brings a great deal of knowledge to the group.

Terri Stocker is the character Leona who is a beautician by profession. Stocker lives near Stoughton on a farm with her husband Rob. Stocker has been involved with the community players for seven years and was in the one-act play, Drivers Seat.

Debbie Mclenaghan plays the character Millie, who beats to her own drum, although she is the only one that hears the drums. They are all friends in the play.

Mclenaghan lives in Stoughton and this is her first time performing for the community players.

Les Griffin comes from Heward and will play the part of Bobby and the police officer.

Griffin is another 30-year member of the theatre and was last on stage with the play, Fox on the Fairway.

According to Richardson, the cast and crew have been working hard on getting the play together by practising three or four  nights a week. The rehearsals began in late October.

All the people involved in the play are volunteers and dedicate their time to bring this production to the stage for all to enjoy.

Richardson feels this play will keep one on the edge of their seats and is worth coming and watching. To find out what happens to these women, one needs to attend the theatre.

There are still tickets available for each production on Dec. 9-10 and 16-17. The dinner and play will be held at the Stoughton Royal Canadian Legion.