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Ananda Arthouse celebrates 10 years of Kelly Family Christmas

Traditions are great things. They add a sense of stability and provide a point of focus for future reference. As well, it is especially nice when it is a tradition you really enjoy.
The Kelly Family Christmas concert was held for its 10th successful year at the Happy Nun in Forget on Dec. 18. The musical family included several generations of performers. From left is Jessica, Olivia, Delta, Marie, Blake, Anthony, and Brian. In the front on left is Megan Kelly, and right is Vivian.

Traditions are great things. They add a sense of stability and provide a point of focus for future reference.

As well, it is especially nice when it is a tradition you really enjoy.

Therefore it is fair to say that the packed house at The Happy Nun in Forget was filled with happy patrons on Saturday, Dec. 18.

Gracing the stage in the Happy Nun was the musical family, the Kelly?s.

For 10 years the family has ventured to Forget from their home in Rocanville to perform a Christmas concert.

The talented family has also managed to sell out every one of their performances in 10 years, definitely a point of note as well.

This year the family members in attendance included Jessica, Olivia, Delta, Marie, Blake, Anthony, Brian, Megan, and Vivian Kelly.

?We have known Shannon and Don [Shakotko] for years, and we always enjoy coming to play here,? said Anthony Kelly. ?We really love their place, and we always love to spend time with them.?

The Kelly family is one seemingly graced with musical talent, and perform at other Christmas concerts as well, though their concert in Forget continues to hold a special place in their hearts.

?If it wasn?t for Shannon and Don?s prompting and encouragement, we likely would?ve never come down this [Christmas music] road,? Anthony said to the crowd. ?We wouldn?t have recorded anything either, so a big thanks to them from our family.?

The Kelly?s released their first album of Christmas music, and from the sales at the show, they definitely created a Christmas hit.

Speaking with the family before the concert, the members were asked whether the Forget show acted as a family reunion of sorts.

?Well, Brian lives in Regina, where he is a full time musician,? Anthony said. ?He plays bass for the band Shifty Morgan.?

?It is in a way, but it isn?t,? said Delta, the matriarch of the family. ?We are a very close knit family, and most of us all live close together around the family farm.?

Also the 40th birthday for Anthony, the day of the 10th annual concert proved to be a banner one for all involved.

?I don?t think we?ve had a show that hasn?t sold out,? said Shannon Shakotko. ?The Kelly?s are just wonderful people, just salt of the earth. We love their music, and we love to have them here every year.?

Besides many Christmas favourites, this year the Kelly?s included three original tunes they had written.

?We have three songs we?ll be performing today that are originals,? Anthony said. ??Are You Listening?? and ?The Magic of Christmas,? I had wrote, and ?Destined to Save? was written by both Patrick and I.?

Speaking with some members of the audience, it was easy to see by their enthusiasm why the Kelly Family Christmas would continue to sell out after 10 years.

?This is our second year attending, and last year the show was just wonderful,? said Mavis James. ?The way they get the children involved is just great too.?

?We had planned to go again this year, and had told everyone we knew, so we feel really lucky that our friends were kind enough to get us tickets to the show as a gift,? James said. ?But we would?ve been coming anyway.?

Joining the James? were the friends responsible for their ticket, Brian and Gail Crump, both of whom had attended last year?s show as well.

?It is marvellous to have the chance to come again,? Brian Crump said. ?It is a great way to relax after the busy time getting ready for Christmas.?

The Kelly family performed two shows in Forget that day, one at 2 p.m. and another at 7:30 p.m. and the show was sold out weeks ago for both performances.

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