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Arliss Dellow retiring as marshal at White Bear Golf Course

Dellow has been the course marshal for years, and has enjoyed the job.
Arliss Dellow White Bear marshal
Arliss Dellow will be retiring as course marshal at the White Bear Lake Golf Course.

WHITE BEAR - For anyone who has golfed the White Bear Lake Golf Course the past few years, one has often met Arliss Dellow on the cart paths.  

He has been marshalling the course for years but 2022 will be his last.  

Dellow and his wife Eileen have sold their White Bear Lake cabin, which they have owned for nearly 50 years. The cabin was built at the end of Lakeview Avenue and provides a breathtaking view of this beautiful lake.  

Eighty-three-year-old Dellow and his family moved to Yorkton in 1967. He was born upstairs in the Red and White grocery store on Main Street in Gainsborough in 1939, one day before the Second World War broke out. His parents were the proud owners of that store. 

Dellow has enjoyed his many years of marshalling and has many fond memories.  

“I am not a good golfer, but I started playing at White Bear when it opened back in the late 1980s. I love talking to people and with my marshalling job I have met many golfers on the course from all over the world. Some as far away as Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, the Americas, and Australia,” said Dellow.  

“They simply rave about what a beautiful course we have. Larry Palmer and his crew have done a fabulous job making it one of best courses in all of Saskatchewan.” 

After all those years of marshalling, Dellow offers one tip to the many golfers that simply have too much pride. Use the proper tee off boxes.  

“Everyone who plays thinks that they are an up-and-coming Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods. They are not. Move up to the shorter boxes, you will enjoy the game a lot more and speed up play for yourself and others.”  

Palmer, who is the golf course superintendent, provided a tribute.  

“Arliss has been a fixture at the White Bear Lake Golf Course for 14 years now. He has done a tremendous job as a marshal over the years, and we never had to worry about anyone misbehaving while he was on duty.  

“Arliss has always enjoyed stopping and visiting with the golfers, sharing stories and making everyone feel welcome. We will really miss all his stories and unique personality around here. Thank you, Arliss, for all that you have done over the years and behalf of the course I wish you and Eileen all the best.” 

In addition to becoming a practising lawyer, Dellow was also a relieving court judge. They have two children, four grandchildren and recently celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary. Both were heavily involved with the Canadian National Swimming Program with Dellow being the national marshal of swimming events for over 20 years. His wife was a well-known swimming coach in Yorkton.  

Dellow simply loves the lake and loves the golf course.  

“Thanks to everyone who had to put up with me after all these years. I had a great time, and it was a lot of fun. Keep enjoying the lake and golfing the Bear.”