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Artist Colony has come to an end for 2021-09-01

Artist Colony for 2021 was a hit.

The  Art Retreat at Moose Mountain Provincial Park,, Kenosee Lake is over for 2021! Seventeen joyful art enthusiasts arrived at Kenosee Boys and Girls Camp/Mother Teresa Centre on Sunday, August 22. The Art Retreat which started on Sunday, August 22 and ended on Friday, August 27th.

At the Art Retreat everyone works with whatever medium they are working with. Chalk Pastels, Acrylics, Alcohol Inks, Fabric, and Watercolours were some of the mediums used!
No formal classes are scheduled but several of our artists gave impromptu mini class to other curious artists. We are all very happy to share techniques and discuss what materials work the best for us. Larry Jackson showed techniques in painting amazing Birch trees and other helpful tips to create texture. Holly Dauvin and Jacqui Beckett shared their expertise in using Chalk Pastels.

We paint morning, afternoon and night. We usually end our evening with music lead by two of our artists, Elaine Rawlings and Joe Cornforth. Harmonica, guitar, mandolin and their voices can be heard. We sometimes even sing along! Impromptu dancing might break out!

Each Retreat we do a collaborative painting that is auctioned off at a Silent Auction at our Show and Sale. Thirteen of the seventeen artist worked on the painting. Up to 4 or 5 artists were painting at the same time! The 42"x30" canvas was donated by Isabell George's family. Acrylics were used to paint our masterpiece!
No large brushes were available but that did not deter this creative bunch! Broom bristles, spatulas, paper towel, sponges, Palette knives and other items were our tools. The painting took an astonishing small amount of time (35 to 45 minutes!). We all were surprised how quickly it came together and how striking and amazing it looked!

This year the Show and Sale was held on Wednesday, August 25 at the Rec Hall in the park. The Art show was a success with many visitors coming to enjoy the art displayed. Brian Rutten won the Silent Auction for $300 and now is displayed on their fireplace mantel!

Proceeds from the Silent Auction will go to Kenosee Boys and Girls Camp, Mother Teresa Centre. We love the peaceful and welcoming aura that is present throughout the camp!

We had a surprise visit from Father Fry who was instrumental in getting the Artist Colony started with John MacFarland. Father Fry visited with all of us as well as sharing his art with us. He generously gave the paintings to the lucky artists when their names were drawn. Father Fry was presented with a painting of one of the Art Colony Cabins painted by Holly Dauvin.
We all look forward to next year where we can once again meet, create, laugh and share! We are missing the Art Retreat already!