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Blacktop Hop Fundraiser to support Shurniak Art Gallery

A number of art events will be hosted at the Shurniak Art Gallery during the month of June.
Shurniak Art Gallery
Shurniak Art Gallery

ASSINIBOIA - There will be a special Blacktop Hop fundraiser for the Shurniak Art Gallery held on Saturday, July 2 at 5 p.m. It will feature a night full of music, cocktails and prizes, in an effort to raise funds for the Shurniak Art Gallery. Tickets are $50 and are now available from the Assiniboia Arts Council.

The regular concert season for the Assiniboia Arts Council concludes on June 8, with the “Perk Up Pianist” concert, featuring Sarah Hagen.

There are a few art events that will be featured during the month of June.

A special “Creating with Silk Scarves” art session will be held at the Shurniak Art Gallery on Saturday, June 18. This class will be taught by Rita St. Amant, and will be hosted from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Assiniboia Elementary School students are showing their talents in this month’s art display at the Kay Cristo Room.  It is worth a stop to see their fun creations. “Art’s Up” will be available for viewing during regular hours of the Assiniboia and District Library. The exhibit will be displayed until June 30.

An “Arts on the Move” program, featured by the  Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils, is now on display at the Shurniak Art Gallery. “The Flower May Not Look Like its Roots” travelling exhibit features many different artists, include Assiniboia’s own Crystal Thorburn.

The OSAC exhibit will be displayed until June 23.

The Shurniak Art Gallery will be showcasing work from artist retreat participants during mid-June and in July.

The 2022 artist retreat runs from July 18 to 22. It will be a wonderful opportunity to see practicing artists from the province.

An opening event will be hosted at the Shurniak Art Gallery, that will include a welcoming evening reception to meet and greet artists attending the retreat. Community participation will be offered.

There will be possible ‘pop-up’ workshops held during the artist retreat. More information will be released on those events, when they are available.

The Luxury Treat Raffle Basket winner was Cheri Cowan. All proceeds from the raffle and from business sponsors will go into supporting the arts in our community.

Residents are reminded that the Mistletoe Arts and Craft Sale will be hosted on Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5. Entry deadline for exhibitors will be October 15.

Residents who are interested in donating their recycling to the Assiniboia and District Arts Council can take advantage of the “Drop and Go” program at any SARCAN depot.

The group phrase is “Art Council”, to donate recycling to bring more visual and performing arts to the community.