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Cornerstone Community Theatre Group wows the crowd with Acting Can Be Murder

Cornerstone Community Theatre's latest production was a hit with people in the Carlyle area.
Cornerstone theatre Group
1) The Cornerstone Theatre cast of Acting Can Be Murder.

CARLYLE - For three consecutive days, 14 actors and actresses performed the murder-mystery Acting Can Be Murder, written by Eddie McPherson.

On Friday and Saturday, the play was presented as a dinner theatre, with a delicious roast pork supper prepared and served by the Royal Canadian Legion’s Carlyle branch. Sunday was the matinee version.

Based on reviews, the performance was of high quality and provided continuous laughter and great entertainment.

Judy Riddell attended the show Friday night.

“Despite COVID issues, the Cornerstone Theatre Group managed to stage another spring play with a diverse and competent cast with stellar performances from all, but in particular from Colleen Easton and Heather Vermeersch,” said Riddell.

“There was no time for napping in this one – it was a fast-paced and entertaining production. The theatre group makes it look easy, and we on the other side of the floodlights may be tempted to take for granted the great acting and production talent we have in this area. Cultural events such as this are part of the recipe for a well-rounded community, helping to make it one that is attractive to citizens of all ages – and a desirable place to live, work, play and do business.

“Congratulations to the 14-person cast, director Dianne Twietmeyer, and all the supporting players. A job well done.”

There was also a good crowd in attendance on Saturday night including a thoroughly impressed Marsha McLean.

“We are so lucky to have a group of talented people who are happy to share their talents and time to entertain us. Colleen Easton gave an outstanding performance in what I believe was her best to date. She was phenomenal in her lead role. How can she juggle a very busy career and lifestyle and be able to memorize all those lines and commit to all the practices it takes?

“It’s always fun to watch Heather Vermeersch take the role of a somewhat ordinary character and sparkle it up with her funny expressions and actions. The whole cast made each part that they played entertaining with their own personal punch.”

Melinda Wyatt attended the Sunday matinee.

“I am not sure if people realize how fortunate we are to have such local talents in the area. Carlyle Cornerstone Theatre Group is another great example of this, and I have been attending these productions for many years. The one I attended on Sunday was again so well done. When you know the actors and actresses personally, it’s funny how you sort of forget who they are for that short time as you begin to watch them in their characters.

“Some don’t always have large parts, but it’s the body language and facial expressions that can totally make the play. David Slykhuis, Megan McCauley, Laurie Fornwald and Don Carter all proved that. The last scene was so funny I could have watched more. Erica Armstrong (Isabella) from the tearful explanation at the start to the end performance was priceless.

“Colleen Easton had a very large part and did very well at it, leaving us not knowing for sure how the story was going to end. Everyone definitely deserved a standing ovation and got one. A lot of hard work and practice is spent on these productions and as an audience member we greatly appreciate it. Job well done Cornerstone Theatre.”

Dianne Twietmeyer was the director of this year’s dinner theatre.

“Over 300 attended the three-day event. Cornerstone Theatre wishes to thank all those that helped and the Royal Canadian Legion for preparing the suppers. Also, a big thank-you to the actors and actresses who spent countless hours rehearsing their lines. And finally, to all of those in the audience, thank-you. While Cornerstone Theatre has a loyal following, it was refreshing to see so many new faces in the crowd this year.”