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Cornerstone players serve knock out with Dickens production

In a Dickens tale with a twist, the Cornerstone Theatre players managed to serve up another wonderful presentation for the Dickens festival this year.
The cast and crew of Cornerstone Theatre's original presentation, 'A Cornerstone Christmas Carol.'

In a Dickens tale with a twist, the Cornerstone Theatre players managed to serve up another wonderful presentation for the Dickens festival this year.

Broadly based on Dickens immortal story, 'A Christmas Carol,' the Cornerstone production titled, 'A Cornerstone Christmas Carol,' took a humorous slant on the time-tested tale.

Written by long-time Cornerstone cornerstone Diane Twietmeyer, the story revolves around the revelations seen by Esmeralda Scrooge.

"It is a take on the Dickens story, but with a twist," said Twietmeyer of her play. "But I can't take all the credit for the story as it came out. Our cast is wonderful at ad libbing, so the final production piece owes a little bit to everyone."

Directed by Twietmeyer and another long-time Cornerstone member, Doug Waldner, the show starred David Slykhuis in the female role of Esmerelda, as well as Jesse Twietmeyer, who played the 'Cratchitty' role of Scrooge's long suffering assistant, Jack.

Jack, a cheerful character, was digging desperately for a Christmas bonus from his not-so-nice employer, in the hopes of treating his brother to a holiday in a warm part of the world.

Beginning the second scene of the play, the audience was introduced to the remade Ghost of Christmas Past, played by Fred Perry.

Perry, who magically managed to channel the energy of Peter Seller's most well-known character (Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther series of films) into his role, almost stole the show during his time on stage.

As is to be expected from the Cornerstone casts, the physical comedy proved to be as strong as the dialogue as the players kept the crowds laughing.

Well interspaced with live musical performances, the play lived up to the expectations of excellence the Cornerstone Theatre has built as part of its enviable reputation.

With very contemporary music creating the mood for the action on stage, the supporting band was also worthy of praise in their work throughout the performance.

Playing to a packed house both nights of the Dickens festival, as well as for their Sunday matinee performance, 'A Cornerstone Christmas Carol' is another great showing by the amateur stage group.

The cast

David Slykhuis - Esmerelda Scrooge; Colleen Easton - Sarah/Angie/Chorus; Jesse Twietmeyer - Jack; Naomi Holter - Denise/Chorus; Fred Perry - Ze Gheust of Christmas Pest; McKenzie Easton - Young Esmerelda; Ashton Lisitza - Jilted Boyfrient; Lane Easton - Bob Marley; Deb Laforet - Christmas Present; Michele Amy - Christmas Futures; Craig Savill - Christmas Futures; Emily Klatt - Shopper/Caroller/Urchin; Megan McAuley - Shopper/Caroller/Urchin; Marion Biram - Caroller/Chorus; Jenna McAuley - family scene/street scene; Sophia Clark - family scene/street scene; Kendra Schultz - family scene/street scene

The band and crew

Lane Easton - Guitar; Liam Easton - Guitar; Connor StandingReady - Guitar; Terry Fraser - Bass; Claude Poirier - Drums; Paul Twietmeyer - Sex, Flute, Harmonica, Percussion; Diane Twietmeyer - Vocals; Michele Amy - Piano; Jesse Twietmeyer - Piano; Naomi Holter - Piano; Will Elliott - Technical; Doug Waldner - Technical; Paul Twietmeyer - Technical; Ashton Lisitza - Set; Diane Twietmeyer - Set; Jesse Twietmeyer - Set; Marion Biram - Set; Don and Marylin Carter - Advertisement; Michele Amy - Program; Colleen Easton - Backstage; Marion Biram - Backstage

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