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Dancers across Saskatchewan to perform dance piece

Dancers from across the province, including De Tricky Dance Studio in Weyburn, will be taking part

#SKdancestogether came out of discussion with dance educators within our province as an opportunity to celebrate dance and connect across the province. They wanted to find a way to bring dance “Top of Mind” to people throughout the province as recognition for continuing to provide a stable, safe environment to our students, and highlighting what an amazing dance community we have in Saskatchewan.

Everyone from studio owners, to dance instructors, dancers, and dance families have continued to dance and support each other throughout this difficult time. Being part of dance is being part of a strong, and unique community who uplifts and supports one another.

Through dance, students benefit from the lessons learned in the studio, which include: physical health; mental health; stress relief; teamwork; time management; goal setting; confidence-building; and freedom of expression through movement.

Dance studios become like second homes to students, where teachers nurture the unique individual strengths of every child and adult who walks through the studio doors.

Dance offers a supportive environment that focuses on building holistic dancers through recognizing their potential as both artists and people. Dance training develops strong, independent individuals who confidently use the skills learned in the dance studio to succeed in whichever future path they choose.

Dancers from across the province will “come together” to perform a piece of choreography highlighting the joy of dance on Wednesday, Oct. 27. Videos will be shared on social media from approximately 120 different dance studios across the province to celebrate as a united dance community.

They will wear the provincial colours of green and yellow to show their love of dance and love of Saskatchewan.

Dancers are excited to “come together” to share the joy of dance with the province. One goal of #SKdancestogether is to bring students of all ages, cultures, and dance styles together to show their unified passion within the community of dance. This is helping them to build excitement about dancers’ return to the stage for the 2022 spring performance season. The dance community is looking forward to performing on stage again this season at festivals, competitions, and recitals.

Watch social media platforms on Oct. 27, to see videos of Sask dancers performing “together”. Follow the hashtag  #SKdancestogether.

Dance was strong before the pandemic, and over the past 19 months the dance community continued to show its resilience. Dance educators worked tirelessly through many challenges to ensure students could continue to dance safely since the start of the pandemic. Reach out to a local dance studio to find out how you and your family can benefit from dance.